What's on your sewing plate for spring?

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_nikki_ Nicole Smith, contributor
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What's on your sewing plate for spring?

Share what you will be working on for the upcoming season.

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Comments (13)

AJ43 writes: My employer is hosting an art competition, so I challenged myself and entered 'wearable art'. I have this lovely light green denim for a traditional-style denim jacket which I have embroidered profusely (excessively, perhaps?) with dragonflies. All that's left now is construction!
Posted: 6:46 am on April 17th
jmc5339 writes: New covers for patio chair cushions. Scoured thrift store for reusable materials. 'Found long cotton draperies that are of heavy cotton, perfect! Measure, tear, sew. $2.50 expense vs. $20.00 ea. for new cushions.
Posted: 9:54 am on April 15th
cathy7 writes: As I work full time and also sew for people, it is hard for me to get my own sewig done. I am going to start on 2 quilts for December birthday and Christmas. Sewing is my passion and I can't see myself not sewing.
Posted: 12:44 pm on April 13th
Racy1Red writes: I am thinking, lots of sundresses, linen trousers, pencil skirts, and lightweight blouses. I plan on using lots of pinks and slate grays.
Posted: 11:30 am on April 13th
petitearmoire writes: A few summery dresses for me, a quilt for my expected grandchild in September, historically accurate outfits for antique dolls to name a few! And going to country auctions, my favorite springtime activity.
Posted: 10:44 am on April 13th
EdithTheMom writes: This spring its a wedding dress for my sister, a bridesmaid dress for me, and other fun summer clothes for my teenaged daughter, who loves the creative process, but prefers me to sew them.
Posted: 11:37 pm on April 12th
gozion writes: hey jag256. have fun, good luck, i'm off in that direction too. dolls. i didnt have them as a child really, but now i love them. all these broken weird old dolls, some without limbs. etc. but i love figures of all kinds, have tribal pieces, figures, "dolls" in a way....& then i look at the dolls as Figures, like the tribal pieces. i want to mend them in strange ways i guess. again, good luck & have fun wi. the project. i no longer have any little girls to make for....
they've all grown up.
Posted: 11:15 pm on April 12th
gozion writes: aprons, aprons, aprons.
making pockets for garments that dont have them. i need pockets! havent started yet, but bought sweaters at the salvation army store for $1 each! some just for the lovely buttons, but i want to practice now [but some are great, so i start wi. somethhing else] making pockets cut from the sweater. it seems to me that i can cut a pocket from other fabric, sew it First to the sweater. then cut it out. i dont know. anybody know>?
but aprons aprons aprons~am having small exhibit/sale of them in may at a nice gallery, can have my other drawings on the wall behind them, am working like crazy on them, & now starting to work on/with dolls. veering over there too, since i mean to include just a few child's & dolls aprons in this exhibit/sale. so now off on another tangent:: making dolls, repairing old weird broken dolls. etc.
thanks, hello, i dont belong to any sites or ever comment on site like this..i hope i like it.
Posted: 11:11 pm on April 12th
Sculptedthreads writes: I have a new grand-niece and the unused fabric from her mother's wedding dress that I made. A christening dress is in the "offing" this spring as well as a "grandmother of the bride" dres for June. Got to get busy!!

Posted: 10:52 pm on April 12th
peej2 writes: I'm thinking it's going to be long sleeve tunics and lightweight trousers. I've apparently developed a sensitivity to the sun. Until I can figure out what's causing it, I'll be Larue from the Gidget TV series. ARGH
Posted: 9:20 pm on April 12th
jag256 writes: I will be using up lots of fabric remants, trims and laces to make doll clothes for my granddaughter. Her other grandmother had 2 of her own dolls refurbished and asked if I'd like to create a new wardrobe for these special dolls.
We are looking forward to presenting this joint effort to our favorite 3 year old on her birthday!
Posted: 7:46 pm on April 12th
sandydandy writes: I have got summer tops, shorts, jackets to make.Plus totes and start thinking about my projects for Christmas.I have a sleeve to change on one of my jacket patterns. That ought to be exciting. I haven't tried this one before . I am sure I can master it. I'll post my finished product online.
Posted: 7:42 pm on April 12th
kellybird1954 writes: historical costumes, spring/summer dresses, some skirts and tops, something fun for my granddaughter's 1st birthday
Posted: 1:20 pm on April 12th
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