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Anthony tied Emilio for the win, when guest judge Jessica Alba asks to wear his dress on the red carpet.
Emilio won the night and Heidi will wear his creation on the red carpet.
Jonathan could not survive another week of bad reviews from the judges.
Anthony tied Emilio for the win, when guest judge Jessica Alba asks to wear his dress on the red carpet.

Anthony tied Emilio for the win, when guest judge Jessica Alba asks to wear his dress on the red carpet.

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This week, the designers face their biggest challenge yet, distraction. Maya leaves, Anthony returns, a model quits the show, and the newly formed final six still needed to create a garment fit for Heidi to wear on the red carpet. In the end, there were only two designers with positive reviews, and four designers rounding out the bottom. Emilio and Anthony shared the spotlight with a double win. Mila, Jay, Seth Aaron, and Jonathan were all given poor reviews, and finally Jonathan was sent home.

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Anthony Williams


Jonathan Peters

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Comments (4)

JoannefromGlenside writes: I was so Happy to see Anthony back. He is a lot of fun and in my opion a much better designer than some of the others that are still there. Just my opion. But Way to go Anthony!
If you are looking for a model ( who represents the real women, I'm your girl). Seriously Anthony, I would be honored to wear your designs.
Posted: 10:16 pm on April 7th
Ayofemi writes: I've noticed that the only time Anthony does really well is when he's designing for Heidi!! Things that make you go hmmm...
Posted: 6:29 pm on April 7th
natsnasus writes: Johnathan: I think as the show went on, he lost who he was, he was doing some good stuff worthy of rave reviews, but this last RCD really missed the mark. I was expecting it to be long. I surely know how to salvage used fabric, why didn't he utilize the leftover coral to his advantage. Unfortunately, they HAD to pick someone and because the front was a mess (especially at this stage of the game!) he HAD to go.
Milla: I think she's also lost, and very frazzled to be the only woman left since Mya quit suddenly. I still like her stuff tho, even tho she's always done color blocking, If her dress had the bodice overlapped and maybe been a version of a low- hi-low hem it could've worked.
Seth-Aaron: He showed up in Portland on a local talk show last month......hmmmm, I wonder what's up with that? N E way, he also does a lot of the same stuff, i.e. lots of hardware on his designs. I would've done a strapless with the studs around the top of the bodice & maybe down the back seam and made it a true mermaid with a great train. I think that would've wowed the judges!
Anthony: Very good gown! Needs to be cleaned up, but good simple lines.
Emilio: Same for him, great dress...a bit too simple but I understand that the fabric is quite something, and I would've done a bit more with the thing on the right side...maybe a little more folds down the front, subtlely, tho.
Jay: Well I like the idea of the vertical ruffles, why didn't he just make it a longer version, like Johnathan should've? and maybe a bit of shine to one of the sheer fabrics in the mix of ruffles for RCD?
Posted: 6:38 pm on April 2nd
wytchcraft writes: I was surprised Mya left! And I loved Seth Aaron's dress. He is my fave designer on the show.
Posted: 3:43 pm on April 2nd
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