Last Minute Gift to Make-Woven Ribbon Scarf

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Tina_Hilton Tina Hilton, contributor
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This easy yet dramatic scarf makes a stunning gift that is quick to make!
The finished scarf will measure around 3 ½ inches wide.
When binding off, don’t forget to drop every 3rd stitch!
This easy yet dramatic scarf makes a stunning gift that is quick to make!

This easy yet dramatic scarf makes a stunning gift that is quick to make!

Photo: Tina Hilton

8 AM Saturday morning. You are enjoying your first cup of coffee of the day. You begin to go over your weekend plans. Run to the cleaners, hit the farmers market, and run by the grocery store…wait a sec, it’s my friend’s birthday party tomorrow! OMG!!! I do not have a present for her. This is bad.

If this scenario sounds familiar, I have the perfect last minute gift that you can whip up in no time. All you need is one skein of worsted weight yarn, one skein of wide ribbon yarn and a few short hours to whip up a very impressive, elegant scarf.

The scarf is knitted with a simple drop stitch pattern with a wide ribbon woven in and out of the “ladder” that is formed from the dropped stitches. The effect looks much more complicated that the actual production method so you will sure to impress the recipient.

What you'll need:
1 skein of DK or light worsted weight yarn – I used Tahki Cotton Classic. Classic Elite Yarns Premier cotton/ Tencel or Patons Grace would be a good choices as well. The important thing is to avoid “sticky” yarns that would impede the weaving of the ribbon. I like cotton or a cotton blend as it will result in a great all-season accessory.
1 skein of wide, bulky weight ribbon yarn – I used Plymouth Jungle. Lion Brand Incredible is good but I think hand dyed Fiesta Verandah would add a special pizzazz.
1 pair #11 knitting needles
1 pair #9 knitting needles
Large yarn/tapestry needle – for weaving in the ribbon

K2 - Knit 2 stitches
YO – bring yarn to the front. This action will create a stitch.
PSSO – pass stitch over.

Happy day! No need to worry about gauge as long as you are working with a worsted weight yarn.

Step by Step:

Cast on 12 stitches with # 11 needle

Row 1 Switch to #9 needles. *k2, yo* repeat 5 times, k2. There will be 17 stitches now on the needle, the original 12 and the extra 5 stitches you created with the yarn overs.

Row 2 and all following rows: Knit until you have used almost all of your yarn. Save enough to bind off with.

The finished scarf will measure around 3 1/2 inches wide.

Switch to # 11 needles and bind off as follows: k2 and pass the first stitch over the second, drop the 3rd stitch off the needle. *K1, pass the first stitch over the second, k1 pass the first stitch over the second, drop the next stitch off the needle* Repeat to the end of the row. You will have dropped off 5 stitches.

When binding off, don’t forget to drop every 3rd stitch!

Carefully pull down each of the dropped stitches all the way down to the end of the scarf.

TIP: An easy way to pull down the dropped stitches is to take hold of the knitting on each side of the dropped stitch and tug gently.

It reminds me of a “run” in a pair of pantyhose.


The scarf is now ready for the ribbon weaving.

Cut 15 pieces of the wide ribbon yarn about 75 inches in length or about 20 inches longer than the finished scarf. These ribbons will be used to weave in and out of the “bars” (formed from the dropped stitches) down the length of the scarf.

TIP: I like a flat uniform look to my ribbon so I press them with a warm iron. This will also insure you have nice flat fringe.

Thread a yarn needle with one strand of the ribbon yarn. You will weave three strands of the ribbon into each of the 5 areas where you dropped the stitches. The bars between the remaining stitches have a distinct upper and lower bar.

Weave over and under the bars.

Weave the first ribbon over and under the bars from top to bottom. Leave a tail of ribbon at the beginning to create the fringe at either end. When you get to the end, adjust the lengths at either end so they are the same and use that length as a guide for the following ribbons. Weave the second ribbon the under and over the bars. The third ribbon weave it like the first, over and under. Alternating in this manor will stabilize the stitches. Repeat this procedure in the remaining 4 dropped stitch areas.

Three ribbons woven alternately over and under and under and over.

Tie each of the 3 ribbons on both ends of the scarf in an overhand knot to secure. Trim the fringe into even.

The knotted ends give the scarf a professional look.

Be prepared for an avalanche of compliments!

Knit well and often,

Tina Hilton

Pattern adapted from Drop Stitch Ribbon Scarf from Earth Guild in Asheville, NC

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busybusy writes: I'm having a problem with this pattern, can anyone help me????
I knitted the scarf, and when I went to pull the slip stitches all went well for all rows till I got to the last 20 inches of the last two rows. I'm having trouble with them pulling apart as far. I've worked on then for several hours and I'm getting very frustrated. I know it's hard to know without seeing but can anyone help and give me some ideas?
Thanks, busybusy
Posted: 2:57 pm on August 2nd
Posted: 6:37 pm on August 10th
Sister_Diane writes: This is lovely, and what a great idea!
Posted: 10:38 am on August 9th
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