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Here I am enjoying my latest treasure!
Here is a glimpse of one of my favorites--an evening dress (1936) Pink silk crepe with  applique green bands, embroidered all over with gold, pink and green beads. 
Here I am enjoying my latest treasure!

Here I am enjoying my latest treasure!

Photo: Lenny Hasemann

One of the reasons why I spend the extra money for foreign issues of magazines like Vogue is because I always find interesting stuff that might not make the US version. I particularly like the one from Australia because I can read it! Checking out the hot book list, there were several fashion related books that looked interesting. The one that jumped off the page at me was Christian Lacroix--On Fashion. If I had not been in a rush to jump in the car to go to New York City (to meet with my pattern grader), I would have clicked my way to to order my copy right that second! The cover features two gowns and an outrageous color-block coat. There was something artful about the colorful pieced skirts sewn to simple fitted bodices that intrigued me...I wanted to see what he had tucked into the pages of that book. "As soon as I get home", I thought as I jumped in the car.

While I was in NYC, I passed the Theatrical Book Store that's nestled right in the garment district. I decided to see if they had a copy of the book. They had one copy, securely wrapped in cellophane. Hindered by the wrapping, I bought it and tucked it in my bag (without peeking!)

When I got home, the first thing I did was relax on the couch with my new book...I wasn't disappointed. It's filled with page after page of inspiring works of art. Everything from embroidery, applique, unique piecing techniques, stylish design--I could go on and on.

I checked it out on for you. Happily they have it--so you can get your own! (It's much lighter when it comes in the mail than when you lug it around with you all over the they have super saver shipping!)

I give this book two snaps, and I recommend it to anyone building a library of fashion or inspiration to feed their craft.


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