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Looking for an idea for a dinner party or special event?  I'm preparing for a summer wedding - a back yard barbecue and I'm working daisies in wherever I can.  I'm trying to make sure that everything about it is simple, informal, practical, reusable and a lot will be home made.  Instead of napkins I bought white washcloths (2 for $1 at the dollar store).  I wanted to make them look pretty and special, but napkin rings are just too expensive, and who wants 50 extra napkin rings kicking around?  Washcloths sure - my brother's a mechanic and can always use them as shop cloths - but napkin rings?

I was at a restaurant and saw the paper rings they used and suddenly it came to me - I could use ribbon!  Off to the nearest fabric store and lo and behold - daisy shaped buttons on sale!  At the dollar store I found ribbon and garlands of 'silk' ivy.  Total cost for 50 custom made napkin rings?  About $20.  Of course making 50 will take some time (I've got 3 months and two bridesmaids to help), but if you need a dozen for a dinner party you can make then in a couple of hours.

Start by cutting two 6 inch pieces of ribbon.  If your napkins are thicker or thinner adjust as needed.  You'll need to allow for about 1/2 inch overlap.  I used satin ribbon but grosgrain would be nice (use a thinner ribbon as a liner), and for a festive touch use a sheer sparkly ribbon.

Sew, or serge the ends of the ribbon together with the right sides facing each other. Use a very narrow seam allowance.  Turn right sides out and press.

Make a buttonhole the right size for the button at one end.  Cut the button hole. 

Sew the button on the other end.

Embellish!  Since mine were daisies, I sewed 3 ivy leaves right beside the button hole.  When the daisy is buttoned through it it makes a very nice effect.  To make your own version find a button you like, match it with ribbon and get sewing!  Use your imagination - beads, charms, lace, trinkets, embroidery - whatever fits your theme.   



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