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Add a Blast of Color with Fabric Spray Paint

comments (2) May 13th, 2010     

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_nikki_ Nicole Smith, contributor
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Crinkle It: Simply bunch up the fabric before spraying.
Create Modern Tie-Dye: Use rubber bands to get this classic look.
Go for Ombré: Blend one color into the garment.
Crinkle It: Simply bunch up the fabric before spraying.

Crinkle It: Simply bunch up the fabric before spraying.

Photo: Sloan Howard
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This season, designers updated retro tie-dye and ombré looks with vibrant designs. You can re-create this style easily with spray-on fabric paints to give your garments a masterful makeover. Keep the look current with a simple silhouette and colors that reflect the season. And, follow the designers’ lead by pairing a bright hue with a neutral like gray, white, or beige.

Spray fabric paints are available in a variety of colors. Two types to try are Fabric Spray Paint by Tulip and Simply Spray Soft Fabric Paint. Both products open up a world of color options with minimal mess. They don’t require you to mix chemicals or make cumbersome tubs of dye. Try these techniques on ready-to-wear garments or on your own designs for an instant shot of color wherever you like.

Master the Technqiue

Try these tips and tricks to help you create the look you want. If you don’t have one of the spray products listed here, you can put fabric dye in a spray bottle and use that instead. Simply Spray is an aerosol product and produces a continuous stream of paint, while Fabric Spray Paint by Tulip is a pump and applies paint in bursts.

• Choose the right garment or fabric. Stick with cotton, silk, linen, or rayon. Avoid polyester and other synthetic fabrics because they do not absorb paint easily. Always prewash your fabric or garment before you paint it.

• Protect your work surface. Place a drop cloth or trash bag over your work surface. Put a layer of plastic inside your garment to prevent the paint from soaking through to the other side.

• Apply light coats.
Start with a light coat of color, and build up. You can always add more, but you can’t remove it once it has been applied.

• Eliminate drips. Begin by spraying aerosol products away from your project, and then aim the spray at your project. To finish, pull it away again. This helps prevent drips from landing on your fabric at the beginning and end of the stream.

• Test on fabric scraps or paper. Practice your painting techniques on scrap fabric or paper first. Experiment with mixing colors and intensities to get the look you want.

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Comments (2)

stbthreadworks writes: That is just an incredible idea. I was looking at all of the cute little colorful dresses this past Easter and think you could do a lot to create gorgeous little pretties for children's clothing.
Posted: 11:01 pm on May 19th
cloudyhn writes: I'm recently learning to make my own screenprint and coloring my designs. So many amazing ideas for fashion makeover.
Tie-dye is not a new thing to do, used a lot in Middle-East and Southern Asia ... but color paints SPRAY ... that is clever, flexible to creat totally new look on fabric. So thank you for sharing these tips.
Posted: 12:52 pm on May 13th
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