How to Cover Fabric Buttons

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What you will need:

 A button with a shank or loop on the back
Fabric you love
A fabric pencil or marker, in a color that will blend in if isnt disappearing ink
 A caliper or ruler
Dental floss, carpet thread or embroidery floss
A needle
Measure the distance from the shank to the edge of your button,
this is your seam allowance.
I like to fold my edge over for a more finished look.
Depending on the size of your button add an 1/16-1/4.

If youre not worried about something no one will see,
no need to add the extra.
Find the perfect spot for your button.
Flip fabric over to the inside and trace your button.
Using your previous measurement, add the seam allowance.
Cut out your button cover.
Thread your needle and knot it at the end.
 Begin a running stitch, creating a loop out of your first stitch.
This is your knotting loop.
Using a running stitch, sew around the circumference of the button cover.
These edges are turned in, but yours dont have to be, it works either way.
 Now that youve completed the running stitch around your button cover,
start the knot by wrapping the knotting loop around your needle.
This knot creates tension and allows you to easily
pull your cover tight around the button.
             Loop around three times.
Pull the needle through and tug on thread,
until your cover is tight around your button.
I like to run another stitch around to create more tension
and a really tight, long lasting cover.
Finish off your second running stitch with another knotting loop.
And just like a sewing machine, make a small stitch back and forth.
Clip your tail and voila!
Youve just covered a button, without a kit and it is ready to be stitched on anything and everything!

Happy sewing!


I love fabric covered buttons and they are super
easy to make without using a kit. All you need is
a button with a shank and your favorite fabric.

Here's a step-by-step guide.
I hope you enjoy it!

It's also located here on my blog: Little Red Birds Blog
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