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Hi, I am not sure that I am even on the correct page to ask a question, however, I am starting to really get into my knitting again.  I absolutely love my circulars and probably would never use straights again. 

I really want to treat myself to some nice needles and I have narrowed it to the Addi or the Signature.  Can anybody shed some light on either one of these and also, not really having anything in mind right now but down the road a baby blanket, can you advise me on a "good" size to get?  Thank you in advance!  Doreen

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valmade writes: Hi Doreen,

I finally tracked down a pattern I use for booties. Hopefully you will see this as I couldn't figure out a way to just mail you on this site.

Happy knitting.

Posted: 9:15 pm on August 19th
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