Christmas Crochet: Miniature Ice Skate Ornament

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I like old fashioned things, and (in the traditional red) these are so 1950's.  I found lots of patterns for them, but something about each pattern I found was not to my liking.  It didn't use the thread I liked or the skate turned out mis-shapened.  So I decided to make up my own pattern for ice skate ornaments.  I updated the color from the traditional red to gold, but you can use any color you'd like.

Ice Skates Ornament/Package Trim

#10 bedspread thread in color desired for skates (I used J & P Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen in Metallic Gold)
Size US 4 or 1.75 mm steel hook
Two large (1 7/8 inch long) paperclips
Baby Yarn in color desired for ties (I used Red Heart Baby Yarn in white)
Tapestry needle

*The end of the paperclip with the double loop should be at the front of the skate, and that is where you start the first row, working loosely over doubled wire inside the inner loop.

With #10 thread

Row 1 – Make 17 sc over one side of paperclip *see note, ch1, turn.

Rows 2, 3, 4 – sc in each sc across (17 sc), ch1, turn.

Row 5 – Skip 2 sc, slip st in next 5 sc, ch1, skip 1 sc, sc in next sc and across (9 sc), ch 1, turn.

Row 6 – sc even (9 sc), ch 1, turn.

Row 7 – skip 1 sc, sc in next and across (8 sc), ch 1, turn.

Row 8 - sc even (8 sc), ch 1, turn.

Row 9 - skip 1 sc, sc in next and across (7 sc), ch 1, turn.

Rows 10, 11,12, 13 – sc even on 7 sc, ch 20, end off with a 8 inch tail.

Make another skate the same rows 1-12, at end of row 13, end off without tail. Pick up end loop of ch 20 and attach it to the last sc of second skate. Weave in ends and cut tails.

Laces: With baby yarn, cut two 8 inch lengths. Using a tapestry needle, start at the top of one skate, leave a couple inches of tail, and whip stitch down front of skate to within 2 scs of toe of skate (approximately 5 or 6 times), then whip stitch in opposite direction, using same holes as for other direction, resulting in criss-cross laces. Trim laces to same length and tie in a bow.

Attach an ornament hanger to the connecting chain, or just use the connecting chain to hang on the tree or attach to a package.

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Comments (2)

sheryl13 writes: I have been looking for this pattern for ever, use to make them all the time for the kids I can make them for the granddaughter's coats..

Posted: 1:53 pm on January 15th
Joy_B writes: Super pattern! Thanks for sharing.
Posted: 1:26 pm on November 18th
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