Zafu buckwheat cushion

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Other side of Zafu
Two tiny circular scrap quilts pair to make cozy meditation cushions 
Sides can also be a place for piecing if the top panel is to be a solid panel. 
Other side of Zafu

Other side of Zafu

Photo: rp

Meditatiors will recognize this classic cushion used for long sits. I love the shape and have made it my own with pieced panels and buckwheat hull (as contrasted to cotton batting) fill. 

The hardest part is tracking down the buckwheat hulls. Ask your local health food store to special order you a 25 lb. sack. With careful use of a large (paper cone) funnel one sack fills about four zafus. 

The Basic Plan:

Cut two 13" circles from a sturdy base like duck cloth and or heavy stabilizers. Piece favorite scraps and choose a side pice of 7"x 50" heavy cloth. Pleat the side with 1/2" pleats every 5" to create the necessary baffles. I recommend using a basting strait stitch to hold the pleats in place.

Form a 4.5"x 7" (folded over into a 2"x 7") contrasting cloth handle, baste in at the start of side/top joining seam, assemble pieces inside out. The handle provides a hidden slit to turn right size out and stuff later.  Sturdy-stitch with a #4 strait stitch followed by a wide zig zag stitch if you do not have a serger.

Stitch closed with heavy button twist thread. The handle covers the seam and makes it easy to bring your unique cushion to your chosen mediation spot. 

Pattern or design used: My own design - Rachel Philips
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