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Did the judges choose the right designer to win this week?
Did the judges choose the right designer to win this week?

Did the judges choose the right designer to win this week?

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The first challenge of the season was for each designer to take an item out of their suitcase and incorporate it into a design in the shortest challenge ever presented (only 5 hours!). And in typical Project Runway fashion, they then had to pass their hand-picked item to the person to their right and let them butcher their personal belongings. Gretchen was the clear winner and McKell was sent packing. Jason managed to stay in the competition for another week because of styling alone. Do you think the judges got it right this time or did they send the wrong designer home? Check out our full review on and let us know what you think in the comments.


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Comments (19)

FunkyAndFoxy writes: all i have to say is that it's fortunate for some of the designers this season that they are being judged on their creations rather than their personalities. lots of back biting diva types, it seems.
Posted: 12:35 pm on August 30th
Bother writes: There is no sense to what the judges did. This is not "Project Styleway" and that should not have been the determinative factor. McKell's dress was cute and original and quite clever. Jason should have gotten the boot, just for the sheer arrogance of turning a kimono around and assembling it with pins and staples. Casanova's thing was aesthetically worse than Jason's, but Jason really deserved the boot.
Posted: 2:24 pm on August 4th
Cherlyn writes: Aftr reading through some of the comments, I have to agree with PollyEaster's comment about black! I like black but not alone, only with another bright bold color so the color pops! I didn't care for Victoria's dress, it had tiny wings for sleeves. There was really nothing to it! It was black and boring! Casanova should have been kicked off the show. We are experiencing the same thing we experienced last year. A designer that wants to show loads of skin in all the wrong places! I wasn't a hugh fan of McKell's dress but it showed more taste than Casanova's! Don't even get me started on Jason's outfit---he has zero imagination! I couldn't believe they kept Ivy after all the discussion over the pants that remained pants! I didn't think her top looked that bad---same thing I see in some of the stores and pattern books. She stayed safe!

I did see some talent on the runway and am interested in seeing what each creates over the next few weeks.
Posted: 7:30 pm on August 1st
deemail writes: Not only did the judges make a mistake about the little blue shirtdress, they allowed a guy to remain who brought Dolce & Gabana pants with him, took them out when he thought he was going to use a piece of HIS clothing to restyle in some way. He probably thought the 'designer' item would help him. And then, he produced a pretty good rip-off of J-Lo's infamous Dolce & Gabana red carpet mistake. So, we know he's a D&G fan, but what else does he know?
Posted: 1:30 am on August 1st
xperimentl writes: Jason, Jason, Jason, how did you make it through? I think McKell's styling really sealed her fate, the mohawk was completely inappropriate for the dress, but I didn't think it was "butt ugly." Ivey's pants, yikes! My personal favorite was Andy. Definitely interested in seeing how the designers develop with more time.
The judges are a major reason that I watch the show; you always know you are going to get an honest reaction out of Michael, Nina, and Heidi. Judges on other reality shows are vague about what they like or don't like, but you actually get some feedback on PR. I don't always agree 100%, but I think they justify their positions pretty well.
Posted: 11:02 am on July 31st
lynner3345 writes: I love Project Runway. Casanova won't last and not because of his language "handicap" but because his "idea" of acceptable probably won't be most of America's. (But this is from a 63 yr old's perspective)

I do think though, that they should eliminate as many designers that should be eliminated each show. Why keep a poor designer just to keep the numbers up? If you weed out the ones that are not up to the caliber that the show requires, it would leave more time for the "good" candidates to do projects each week and show us all what they really have. This way, the judges can zero in on the ones that will "make it" in the designing world, instead of judging junk week after week.
Posted: 5:05 am on July 31st
PollyEster writes: Oh yes, I forgot - did I mention that I'm so nauseated with all the black, black, black fabric - Is this one gigantic funeral or what????
Posted: 10:31 pm on July 30th
PollyEster writes: The designer's instructions were to take the other person's garment and render a new garment so that it was identifiable as having been the other person's garment. How about the jacket ribbing (sports wear) on the long dress - give me a break. I thought McKell's outfit looked atleast respectable. The judges need to be replaced every third week then perhaps the winner would also coincide with the public's choice. Perhaps Heidi Klum has also been there too long. Perhaps someone a little less judgmental and a bit more personable. I'm also amazed when they tell the designers one week to step out of the box, then once the designer risks it, he/she is critisized. Those young designers have a love of the art beyond my understanding to endure all the flip-flopping of the judges.
Posted: 10:21 pm on July 30th
knittingirl writes: OMG - what happened? I thought McKell's dress was darling! I also liked Ivy's blouse which they totally trashed. I also think it was a dirty trick to have to pass along personal favorite clothing to be chopped up by someone else. I love this show and am a devoted watcher, but to quote Time Gun, "I'm worried".
Posted: 10:18 pm on July 30th
kfriend writes: McKell could have easily made these design changes that would have made her dress pop. Pick up a coordinating lime green fabric to trim around the top and to get rid of the "side cleavage". Change out the shirt buttons with covered ones. Reshape the pockets or the collar. Change the handbag altogether. A small envelope style would have been nice.

Posted: 9:30 pm on July 30th
elily00 writes: I think Jason and Ivy should have been sent home without question. I was very surprised they kept both of them. I was shocked at Casanova's, but intrigued also. I am very interested to see what he does with more time, and am glad they kept him. McKell should not have been sent home. Even Tim said it! The fit was wrong, ok, but come on! 5 hours and you expect fit to be perfect? It was so cute, although maybe getting a bit old, it was not in bad taste or out of style. The styling is something else entirely, and that's something she can learn.

I loved Gretchen's dress (a bit simple but stunning), but also think Andy could have won, considering the number of pieces he created and his style which the judges seem to be generally fond of.
Posted: 9:02 pm on July 30th
johnsonb writes: I loved Gretchen's dress but I also thought Casanova's outfit was very intriguing. I would like to see more of his work. McKell's outfit was wearable and cute and Tim liked it! I believe I would have sent home Jason. So much fabric, so little imagination.
Posted: 8:25 pm on July 30th
MerrySunshine writes: I think Gretchen deserved to win. Her design was beautiful and flowed wonderfully. McKell did not deserve to go home. I personally liked her design, considering she had 5 hours to do it. There were certainly worse creations on the show last night. And while Casanova's dress was out-of-the box and definitely unconventional, it did fit the model, stayed on her body, and had a flowing quality. As a custom designer, fitting a female body, even a model-perfect body, is not as easy as it appears on the show. I, too, am as curious as the judges to see what Casanova comes up with next.
Posted: 8:04 pm on July 30th
26051 writes: After watching last nights show I just want to throw up over the decision of the judges.
Are they blind or just to wrapped up in their own importance
to see what every one else sees.
That horrendous outfit of Ivy's or Jason's was a real nightmare.
Not to mention the outfits of Valerie and Sarah.Yuck.
McKell's outfit was cute.I would have liked to have seen the skirt a little straighter.
I recycle alot of clothes and the idea she produced was an inspiration for me.
There are to many commericals and there should be more people
Posted: 5:07 pm on July 30th
nkimble writes: I cannot believe they let Michelle go and kept Casanova and Jason. I agree that Jason's styling was better, but this is not a stylist contest! His dress was a complete mess. It looked like he pulled it together in 5 minutes, not 5 hours. Casanova's was a travesty - just horrendous. I agree with previous comments about Heidi. She is trying to be all tough and it comes across as ridiculous and unpleasant.
Posted: 5:02 pm on July 30th
gettegorge writes: I like andy,s looked better to me,I like the detail, how many time Are we going to to see short in the front and long in the back, Let,s mix it up, yet all the work are good for 5hrs. work
Posted: 4:58 pm on July 30th
junctioncats writes: I don't often comment but I just have to. Given five hours, I could have done better than over half of these designers. Casanova's "creation" was just pretty horrible. But his wasn't the only one that was just not wearable. I agree, too, about the length of the show...every other scene was a commercial and I doubt that the show is any longer than last season. Very disappointed in Heidi. First, she's gotten nastier as each season rolls by and I believe its about time that each of the designer's is judged on their "designing", which obviously wasn't the case last night.
Posted: 4:06 pm on July 30th
texasgalfw writes: I'm glad Gretchen won. Her dress was wearable and stunning. I don't think the longer version of the show is any better - just an excuse for more commercials. They didn't show more design work styling or construction. I think they were too hard on Ivy and McKell. I think Casanova should have gone. McKell's shirt top and full skirt was a cute idea, I thought. NOt too unique but I don't know what she had to work with - missed that part. But tons of commercials. I think the show is probably the same length now as before. Heidi was really nasty I thought - "You should all be afraid" -Come on - these are talented designers in a competition, not kids out on Halloween in a bad neighborhood. Odds are Casanova will do himself in next time.
Posted: 3:59 pm on July 30th
mommaviv writes: I think the judges made a mistake. Casanova's "dress" was horrible. I am not a designer but I am fairly confident that in 5 hours I could have done better than he did. It looked to me like he took the fabric from the blouse and a couple of other rectangles of fabric and randomly tacked them together. I just didn't get it. Additionally while I agree that McKell's handbag choice was a bit off at least her dress looked like clothes.
Posted: 3:19 pm on July 30th
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