A Clock That Knits

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_nikki_ Nicole Smith, contributor
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365 - knitting clock
365 - knitting clock
365 - knitting clock, and one completed scarf at right
365 - knitting clock

'365' - knitting clock

Photo: Design Bloom

Time seems to change every day. Some days feel as though they couldn't contain enough minutes even if doubled, while others seem to drag on, torturing you with every tick of the clock.

Despite our perceptions changing day to day, time itself does not. According to German artist Siren Elise Wilhelsen, it's the one constant that connects everyone. 

Above you can see "365", Wilhelsen's knitting clock, which represents this concept to her in a very tactile way. From Design Bloom:

"'365' seeks to give a physical manifestation to the change of time. drawing from the change that is witnessed through the growth of human bodies and hair, the same concept is found in '365' which translates time through the growth of knitted material. the clock houses a circular knitting machine with 48 needles, a thread spool, a thread holder and roll of yarn. moving in clockwise direction, one day leads to a complete round, while a year gives users 2 meters of a complete scarf."

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Comments (3)

sews4fun writes: I WANT THAT CLOCK!
Posted: 9:53 pm on March 11th
catsrcats1 writes: I showed this to my husband and he thought it would be great to make. Are there any directions or did I miss them?
Posted: 6:12 am on September 29th
DreamyDahlia writes: Besides being beautiful, this knitting clock also beautifully illustrates the concepts of patience and persistence.
Posted: 8:57 am on September 17th
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