How to make beaded charm jewelry

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When you incorporate charm into your beaded jewelry, this design can be called beaded charm jewelry. Mixing and matching charms in your design is a good way to get creative with your beaded jewelry. The process of making beaded charm jewelry is moderately easy.

Have you ever wanted to make your own unique jewelry but didn't know where to start? Or maybe you just feel over-whelmed by all the projects you see. Or you may simply not be very crafty. In fact, it’s alright. This project is simple, fun, and totally unique.Take necklace as an example, when you make a beaded charm necklace you should follow the following steps. Firstly, Layout all your components and decide on the look of your necklace, twist open a jump ring, and attach it to a large disc bead. Secondly, what you should do is to thread the cord through the jump ring to place the disc bead, and then a pendant will appear on the necklace. Thirdly, you should add a jump ring to the middle of the 2-inch piece of chain, and use it to attach the chain to the jump ring on the pendant, creating two dangling pieces of chain where you can now attach charms. Of course the two pieces of chain do not need to be equal. The next step is to attach a large charm to the end of one of the chains. Place a seed bead on a headpin and then thread on the feature bead.  Repeat for all your charms. Use jump rings and attach additional charms to other links on the chain. Then hold both ends of the cord together, and tie a simple knot, leaving enough room to slip the necklace over your head, beautiful beaded charm jewelry is completed.

Many bead jewelry stores sell manufactured charms in a variety of colors and styles, but you can also make your own charms with a few beads, head or eye pins, and a simple wire loop, following the above tips. This beaded charm jewelry is so summery and very easy to make - it doesn't have a clasp, as it fastens by means of a pair of sliding knots.  You can copy this design using the same beads. For more information welcome to visit

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