Project Runway: Hat's Off to You

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The challenge this week on Project Runway was to design a garment inspired by the work of hat designer Philip Treacy. The top three were Michael D., Micheal C., and Valerie. Michael C. earned immunity for next week with his garment. The bottom three included Kristin, Christopher, and April, with Kristin headed home. She seemed relieved to be leaving the competition after so much stress.

What did you think of the designs this week? Do you agree with the judges decisions?


A.J. Thouvenot


Andy South


April Johnston


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Comments (9)

Roya0629 writes: I wish I could get directions on how to make the winning dress. I would do one for tonight. Lovely...simply lovely.
Posted: 7:23 pm on September 10th
knittingirl writes: I do think that Kristin had a real challenge with the Orchid hat. I kept thinking a green dress would be the best. I was surprised to see black. As for Michael C winning, he listened to Tim and his own instincts and dumped the first dress. Good for him! He sent a beautiful dress down the runway. It bugs me that the other designers trashed his win. I can only hope that this was an editing choice. Nobody likes sour grapes. I think there will be some real surprised this season. I would not count anyone out just yet!
Posted: 12:36 am on August 24th
deemail writes: Please don't talk about 'fashion forward' when the winning contestant utilized a dress that's been around since the Romans and Greeks right up to Nicole Kidman's Oscar dress a decade ago. One of the most palatable outfits, Christopher Collins.' was the same shape, length, belt, leggings and collar, differing only in the color of Mr. Spock's fiance in the original Star Trek from 40 years ago. And the contestants themselves are not the only ones. Rent the 1939 version of "The Women" with Norma Shearer, Roz Russell and Joan Crawford. There you will see, in the middle of the black and white picture, a color segment of a fashion show. In it you will see Phillip Tracy's exaggerated coolee hat, stripes and all. I totally agree with the plaudits that Michael Drummond received. His echoing of the line of the hat in the neckline was inspired, and the textured silky skirt was the perfect foil for the dramatic architectural lines of both hat and top. Others. like Gretchen, deserved a little more camera time...they end up spending a lot of time on the awful stuff, like that pink/black number that fit NOWHERE, and not enough time talking about why they chose one good thing over another good thing. We'd really like to know.
Posted: 12:25 am on August 24th
stargirl writes: These were ugly beyond belief. Have these designers forgotten true elegance is understated. I believe it was Dior who once stated truely beautiful clothes are those that allow the beauty of the woman speak, the clothes only compliment that beauty.(paraphrase)
Posted: 9:54 am on August 23rd
SereDesigns50 writes: I loved the hats, very artistic, but so over the top that I doubt Lady GaGa would actually wear one! I thought the 'Orchid Hat' needed a much simplier dress. Maybe pick-up the lime green color, something simple and straight like a stem with a leafy neckline. Just way too much hat!
Posted: 6:57 pm on August 21st
samsstuff writes: I have to agree with RainMomma about Christopher, the whole outfit was great together & combined beautifully with the hat. I really did not like April's design, it's horribly unflattering even on the model. Kristin's model looks horribly uncomfortable & I am not really a fan of Mondo's design, but I can see how it goes with the hat (which is gorgeous). Several of the designs are 'safe' & a little dull, but maybe the judges were right in choosing Kristin to go home, though I might have chosen April. I do like both Michael C. & Michael D's designs, both are lovely & look great on the models. I love the details on Michael D.'s design!
Posted: 10:08 am on August 21st
RubyLemons writes: I gotta say, there's something about Mondo's design. It worked. Someone who'd wear a hat like that - would wear an outfit like that. And you gotta admire Michael's use of crushed and crimped fabric which worked so perfectly with his monster hat. I also thought Gretchen pulled off a great look the way she echoed the hat by pattern and color in the ensemble - she's good. I, too, had a completely different vision for the orchid hat.
Posted: 9:54 am on August 21st
MiMi_ writes: With the exception of Kristen and April, these designs were amazing. Best season ever.
Posted: 8:38 am on August 21st
RainMomma writes: That was by far the most difficult episode to watch. The orchid hat was SO inspiring and Kristin butchered it. Christopher's dress was beautiful. I can't believe that he was in the bottom 3. I kind of agree with the group about Michael C winning but in the end I though he did make a lovely dress. I would have so loved to have sewn a dress for that orchid hat!
Posted: 1:13 am on August 21st
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