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We all know that there area many types of pearl jewelry and crystal jewelry, such as pearl necklace, pearl bracelet, crystal necklace, crystal earrings and so on. Do you know how to care pearl jewelry and crystal jewelry ? All jewelry need to be cared enought when wearing them.Now follow us to learn how to care them.

1. Do not put pearl and crystal jewelry in the box with other jewelry mixed together in order to avoid a hard thing to scratch the surface of it, of course, in other places designated by other hard thing is not acceptable.

2. A beautiful pearl jewelry is very "delicate", not prolonged exposure to coarse structure of fabrics and hard objects, should not be placed in high offices and sunlight, not contact with cosmetics can not be placed in cosmetic powder box house, but can not be placed in sealed The plastic bags, the best place on the ventilation, so as to maintain the luster of pearls.

3. Do not let them come into contact with flood stereotypes, cosmetics and perfumes and the like, (it should be finished in the makeup of wear after your beloved pearl or crystal jewelry)

4. If the pearls turn yellow or crystal surface needs cleaning, you can put make ends meet 10% of the Fu River dilute salt solution soaked look a little, with the bubble, the surface can be dissolved and re-enter the yellow luster, but avoid soaking for too long.

5. In a time when taking a bath and exercise do not wear pearls and crystals in the alkali soap and sweat biochemical substances will have a direct impact on the pearls luster and crystals and life.

6. Do not wear pearl and crystal jewelry, the use chamois leather, cotton or silk of the smear, and then after cloth save them. crystal is all natural minerals in the magnetic field of the most pure of our daily life and body to help greatly, but if their sleep, but blindly dependent crystal, its effectiveness is still limited. crystal is a jewel of great energy, no light or energy emitted through the crystal and energy have become infinitely large, if know how to use crystal, crystal for our body, with the help of luck are infinite, so , crystal is to help you achieve the purpose, rather than let you sit back and enjoy.

7. Generally speaking, crystal products do not require maintenance, as long as no wrestling touch, almost no big problem. If the contaminated oil can be diluted prior to use of alcohol James Cotton smear, can also use a neutral detergent smear, and then wipe dry cloth.

8. However, crystal is a need for regular cleaning, usually adopt the following several ways:

(1) bright moonlight night to enjoy the moonlight bath crystals;

(2) The use of amethyst Geode, citrine holes, cornucopia, crystal clusters, large crystal columns, etc.;

(3) The use of high-quality crystal pieces, about 1 kg or so, after the dry cleaning store in a clean (ceramic or glass) plate, the need to purify the crystal on top, a long time that effect is pretty good; First of all, do not forget the moon of purification methods. Then, buy a kilo of crushed crystal (texture should be transparent), wash clean and dry, and then loaded up a clean glass, and then put your precious crystal on top a little more time (generally more than 72 hours), the same can purify the . You can also use Seven matrix purification.

(4) The last is the traditional and classical purification methods - the use of crystal, crystal clusters, cornucopia purification. Several Note:

   a, do not try to use rain water purification crystal;

   b, do not try to clean inside the crystal into the refrigerator;

   c, do not try to preparation of chemical agents in cleaning crystal;

   d, do not let crystal in the sun exposure;

   e, do not try to figure out whether the crystal is broken;

   f, hand-washing, bathing, when temporarily away from your beloved crystal ... ...

(5). When you have the opportunity to go to the no pollution of the natural environment, will be crystal clear, totally clean on the inside of the stream purification, but also a good way.


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