Onstage and Off: Marie Osmond Creatively Connects Through Her Craft

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The perfect partnership: Marie Osmond and her signature choice Janome Memory Craft 11000 sewing machine.

The perfect partnership: Marie Osmond and her signature choice Janome Memory Craft 11000 sewing machine.

Photo: Courtesy of Janome

Marie Osmond is simply an amazingly creative person. Audiences all over the world have thrilled to her natural talent and charisma, and her remarkable energy and enthusiasm have created an entertainment career that spans over four decades! Many of us can remember watching her on TV during the seventies singing with her brother on The Donny and Marie Show or more recently wowing the crowds on Dancing with the Stars. But Marie is not only a hugely successful singer, actress, dancer, author, and philanthropist; she is also a major force in the crafting community. In fact, Marie has been quilting, sewing, and embroidering for most of her life. These crafting traditions were passed down to Marie by her mother, Olive, who taught her only daughter how to make beautiful works of art with her own two hands. Today, Marie is the mother of eight children, and her passion for needlecrafts is stronger than ever.

"For me, sewing is great therapy," says Marie. "Creating a quilt is not only fun and relaxing, it's a personal and unique way to connect with others. Some of my best memories are times I spent quilting with my mom, my children, and my friends, or making a quilt as a gift.”

Marie is committed to passing on the handmade traditions that she treasures to future generations, and this commitment has made her the perfect partner for Janome America, one of the leading manufacturers of home sewing machines. In May, Janome introduced the new Janome Memory Craft 11000, Marie’s signature choice machine for sewing, quilting, and embroidery.

To celebrate their partnership and new machine launch, the Janome website will feature instructions and patterns for a dramatic quilt project using fabrics from Marie's Blanc et Noir and brand-new Blanc et Noir-Brights collections. The site will also feature instructions and patterns for an embroidered pashmina Marie designed for Janome.

You might be wondering how on earth does Marie do all of this and still have time to make things? CraftStylish recently caught up with Marie and asked her. As Marie explains it, it is through crafting that she is able to do everything else. Here’s what she had to say:

CraftStylish: You’ve been quilting since you were a child, learning at the side of your mother. How has the world of quilting changed since then? Do you find that people are quilting for different reasons now?

Marie: "It used to be that women would gather together around a quilt to not only help each other create a handmade work of art, but it was also a social event. I mean, who needs a therapist’s couch when you’ve got a quilter’s chair! Today, while there are certainly still those quilters who hand-stitch their quilts, we now have high-tech quilting machines that make light and expedited work of finishing a quilt. If only those machines had a shoulder to cry on:)."

CS: The world is much more fast-paced and stress-filled than it was just a few decades ago. Does quilting provide any different benefits for you now than it did then?

MO: "Quilting is still a creative outlet for me, and it helps to reduce stress. There is nothing like the feeling of joy and the sense of accomplishment that comes from creating a keepsake with my own two hands that I can give to someone I love—that is a benefit that never changes!"

CS: We love that you created an embroidered pashmina pattern for Janome. What is the design like? What prints or colors did you design on the piece? What’s your favorite way to wear this versatile item? One of our staffers wears her pashmina around her neck when she travels by plane, but its real use is as a blanket in-flight!

MO: "My Pashmina Shawl was designed with a brown and white flower trellis design on a muted teal background, but the project is designed so that any variation on those colors can be used. One of the wonderful features about the MC11000 is that it is so easy to edit designs right on the screen—so the user can take the trellis design for the shawl and adapt it to a different size, orientation or color scheme.

"Just like this project, a shawl is meant to be versatile. My favorite way to wear a shawl is as the focal point of an outfit—the embroidery on the Pashmina Shawl is designed to be the showstopper—so the rest of the outfit exists to showcase it. And as for the in-flight blanket—that’s brilliant! You can bet that I’ll be trying that!"

CS: How does the Janome Memory Craft 11000 complement your crafting? What features do you like best?

MO: "The MC11000 complements my crafting by giving me more time to do the work I love. The machine contains so many amazing features and time-saving conveniences that I can do more in less time.

"My favorite features are the touch screen and built-in edit functions because they are so intuitive to work with. I was able to sew and embroider right out of the box. I'm not one to fuss with stacks of manuals and hours of tutorials, I just want to turn it on and go. Janome is famous for making things easy and that certainly comes through with this MC11000."

CS: Your fabric line is amazing. Where do you find inspiration for it?

MO: "Life is full of things that inspire us: We just have to remember to look. I like to watch what’s happening in fashion and home décor for color trends. I’ll see the shape of an object or in a work of art and I’ll translate that into a pattern design. I’ll see the fresh, vibrant color of a juice bottle on the shelf at the grocery store, or a new make-up color, or the line of a handbag, and I’ll get excited. I know, I’m nuts, but I really am inspired by so many of the little things in life!"

CS: These days, you seem equally involved in the crafting world and entertainment pursuits. How do the two creative channels complement each other—are they more similar or different?

MO: "I am a firm believer that if you are ‘creative,’ that it will spill out into every aspect of your life, not just within your profession. My mother was very insightful to give me crafts and projects to work on when I wasn’t actually ‘onstage’ during performances, to give me a creative outlet. Especially as an entertainer, performing is just another way to express my inner creativity."

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