Project Runway: You Can Totally Wear That Again

comments (4) September 3rd, 2010     

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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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This week on Project Runway, the designers were challenged to turn bridesmaid dresses into something that really could be worn again. The designers were given $50 and a maximum of 2 yards of fabric for this challenge, which caused some of the garments to be very short.  In the case of Michael C., this was a positive addition to the design, but some of the other designers were not as lucky facing the judges.  There was also a designer showcase this week, which allowed the public to vote on their favorite design.

Mondo was the public's favorite, which helped to put him in the top 3 this week. Joining him were Christopher, and the winner for the a second challenge, Michael C. The bottom 3 included Peach, Michael D., and Valerie. The judges thought both Michael D. and Peach's garments looked better before the transformation. Peach is sent home this week after saying that she lost herself this week.  The other designers were shocked by the news that Michael C. was the winner of this challenge after the drama of last week's runway show. The judges wondered how the other designers could be so wrong about Michael C.'s skills, when he keeps managing to win challenges.

What do you think about the designs of Michael Costello? Do the judges have it right, or do the other designers have insight into his skills that the judges lack?

Andy South


Gretchen Jones

Ivy Higa


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Comments (4)

mommaviv writes: Once again I am really confused. Mondo's dress was so much cuter than Michael C's that I didn't believe when he was announced as the winner. I was even more surprised that Peach went home instead of Valerie. Also while the judges thought Michael Drummond made the dress worse than it was....I felt exactly the opposite. Plus, his client looked like she felt great in the dress. Maybe I just don't know what fashion is.
Posted: 9:35 pm on September 7th
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Posted: 6:38 am on September 7th
Antonia_M writes: The designers who are putting down Michael C. are not mature at all. It floors me how unbelievably nasty they are being! The Haters are acting like middle schoolers!

Ivy, Gretchen and Andy obviously made the more boring of the outfits and were being jerks for not realizing their personal failures and instead focused their disappointment in themselves by attacking Michael C., who does know how to sew and construct.

Gretchen also showed her ignorance and personal lack of sewing skills by asking Mondo how he made the sharp angles in his dress. He mitered the corners, you Dingbat!

I hope to God that this season of Project Runway doesn't come off like a trip down a horrible and terrifying lane to middle school. I also wish I could tell those Haters that the nastiness is taking the fun out of this season. Project Runway is a game show for us viewers and is strictly entertainment and it's becoming unentertaining for me.
Posted: 1:50 pm on September 5th
FunkyAndFoxy writes: while i was not crazy about michael c.'s design this week, i thought it looked well made (of course, sewing isn't something i know too much about...), and i was glad to see him win.
i think it's disappointing that so many of the designers are so completely and totally catty and hateful. it's unfortunate that jealousy prevents them from seeing merit in someone else's work.
i do think, however, that if anyone should be annoyed, it's mondo. i think it's surprising that he hasn't won a challenge yet. his work is really fresh and interesting, and i look forward to seeing mondo come out on top very soon.
Posted: 5:29 pm on September 3rd
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