Video Interview with Crochet Artist Jennifer Marsh

comments (1) July 6th, 2008     

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LindaPermann Linda Permann, contributor
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Video Length: 3:05
Produced by: The Post-Standard in Syracuse, NY

In this video interview, Jennifer Marsh explains the World Reclamation Art Project's mission to cover this New York gas station in order to bring attention to the world's oil dependence. This art installation was unveiled on May 5th and has succeeded in gaining attention and sparking debate over the world's oil dependence.

Check out this video on the installation.


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Comments (1)

RubyKitty writes: Fantastic project, and really inspiring to see the video. I loved the glimpses of Jennifer Marsh's other projects too - especially the idea of making a garment from a sheep's wool then dressing the sheep in it!
The gas station reminds me of Knitta Please and the way they knit cozies for urban environments. Also links in with the artist Christo and how he 'wraps' buildings, bridges etc. Makes you look at your world in a different way.
Posted: 3:19 am on September 28th
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