How to make a Granny Square Pincushion

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granny square pincushion

granny square pincushion


I recently received a ton of yarn and fabric from a family friend (thank you Myrna!) and in one of the boxes of goodies was this cute little granny square! It is so much neater and prettier than mine usually are so I figured I should put it to good use...but as what??

I have recently been adoring lacey and doily pincushions and I realized that this square could make a pretty little pincushion. I have included a granny square pincushion in a past Friday Favourites and there is also a great little granny square tutorial here!

Here is how I made mine!

You will need:

- 1 granny square - felt - stuffing - needle and thread

1. Cut 2 squares of felt slightly larger than your granny square.
I made mine 4 inches by 4 inches.

2. Sew three sides together.

3. Flip square out so seems are on the inside.
Stuff felt square and sew last seem together so you
end up with a stuffed felt square.

4. Sew granny square to top of felt square.
And you are done!

So this is how the pincushion turned out and I am really enjoy it so far. It was a quick little project and I think that they might just make cute gifts (Christmas or anytime) for my crafty friends and family!



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