Knit One for the Hometeam! Seattle Mariner's Stitch N' Pitch 2008

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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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Jennifer Worick (left) and I happily shopped the fiber arts tents and booths at the Fourth Annual Mariners Stitch N Pitch game last night in Seattle.
The ladies of The Pierce County (WA) Crochet Guild show off the Mariner team colors in this extraordinary handmade quilt.  We bought raffle tickets but didnt win.
More handmade goodies from Pierce County--I love the baseball coasters!
Hilltop Yarn of Seattle showed up in full-force. Thats Martine, on the right, standing there speed-knitting.
Look at the beautiful Habu fibers on display at Hilltop.
The big baseball needles are size 35!  All sizes are available at Churchmouse Yarns & Teas out on Bainbridge Island.
Larissa Golden Brown, co-author of Knitalong, threw out the first pitch and then raced back to sign books for her fans, including yours truly.
Finally, after shopping and garlic fries, Jen and I settle down to knit.
Check out the little shawl the lady behind us was knitting!
My knitting heroes: Bruno Nardizzi (left) knits a baby hat, while John Share makes a market bag.
Vickys nametag is almost finished, but I really did most of it during the car ride home.
Jennifer Worick (left) and I happily shopped the fiber arts tents and booths at the Fourth Annual Mariners Stitch N Pitch game last night in Seattle.

Jennifer Worick (left) and I happily shopped the fiber arts tents and booths at the Fourth Annual Mariner's Stitch N' Pitch game last night in Seattle.

Photo: Gregg Snodgrass

Last night Raul Ibanez hit the stitches right off of the ball and sent eastern division leaders, the Tampa Devilrays home packing with a 2-1 win! Ibanez wasn't the only one sending a few stitches flying, thousands of Mariner knitting fans filled the stands of Safeco Field for last night's fourth annual Stitch N'Pitch game. The Mariner's started this hugely successful knitting event in 2004 and even though 25 major league teams currently play host to their stitching crowd, the Mariner's event, sponsored by Pacific Fabrics is still the largest. Over twenty-five fiber arts vendors lined the food court plaza with gorgeous displays of yarn, needles, patterns and onsite knitting tutorials. We (Jennifer Worick, Gregg Snodgrass, and I) arrived early to walk around hob-nobbing with the knitting faithful and get a little shopping in but we still didn't take our seats in the designated Stitch N Pitch section until the fifth inning (I was horrified to have missed so much of the game--but I had a few lovely skeins, from Spin Alpaca to consol me)!

It was great to be sitting there surrounded by so many people knitting, crocheting, and watching the game (well, kind-of watching the game.) To be honest, Gregg watched the game, Jen got some serious time in with her knitted cap while I looked around to see what everyone else was up to (I did get a few rows done on a knitted nametag for CraftStylish web producer, Vicky.) I purposely brought along the nametag project because it was small and easily portable, but when I looked around the stands I saw some huge projects. One woman who was sitting behind us was knitting a 'little shawl' that was about three feet long!

At the bottom of the eighth, I spyed these two guys who were knitting up a storm. A few months back, my boyfriend Gregg made an off-hand comment about how the perfect present for me would be for him to knit me a scarf (he does not knit and was only kidding). When Gregg saw my entire being light-up I watched him trying to discern whether he had just struck upon a wonderful idea or had just dug himself into a hole? So when I saw these guys I went over to ask them how long they had been knitting? Only since last year but they definitely were very into it. They both pulled multiple patterns out of their bags to show me some of the projects that they were currently working on. I introduced them both to Gregg, who smiled vaguely,waved and suddenly became extremely interested in the pitch count.

Oh, well, maybe next year? I am not going to give up on my couples-who-knit fantasy. Speaking of fantasies, I am also not going to give up on my other knitting dream--to go to a Stitch N Pitch game at Fenway Park. You never know, it could happen, more startling things have happened at Fenway.

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SCCstudio writes: I enjoyed the 4th Annual Mariners Stitch and Pitch and truly appreciate the staff of Pacific Fabrics!!

Way to go, Mariners!! Shopping at the various yarn booths was fun. What a variety of products were displayed!
Posted: 2:24 pm on August 11th
jillsnodgrass writes: Gregg knitting a scarf for you reminds me of my first knitting project when I was in high school and learning to knit. All the other girls were knitting stoles with a lacy pattern which they had to concentrate on. Since I would rather "talk than knit" I got yellow yarn and cast on 30 stitches; knit a row and pearled a row and made it long enough wrap around my neck and hang down and I called it a scarf. See Gregg, nothing to it....know you can do it....
Posted: 11:40 pm on August 9th
shannon_P writes: Wow michaela it is so nice that they have knitting things like that at mariners games, who would of thought knitting and baseball would work so well together.
Posted: 7:13 pm on August 9th
Vivienne_O writes: Hi Michaela,
We met you last night at the game and thought that you were very charming. I was the one knitting that blanket. Thanks for telling us about your site, it is wonderful and we loved seeing your post about last night's game! Although, you never said that you were a Red Sox fan! Also, tell Greg that my husband says he is nuts not to make you a scarf! He just said, that he is really getting off very easy! We will be in touch and thanks again, it was lovely to meet you.
Best, Vivienne
Posted: 6:57 pm on August 8th
VictoriaNorth writes: Thanks for my name tag Michaela! I can't wait to see it in person when you come to visit.
Posted: 4:57 pm on August 8th
Jen_W writes: Michaela, I'm just glad you didn't get a photo of me chowing down on the garlic fries and my giant brat. It was not a pretty picture.
Posted: 4:53 pm on August 8th
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