Project Runway: Race to the Finish

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This week, the designers were challenged to create a high fashion garment to be featured in an advertorial. The winner would also receive $20,000. Designers had to choose a finish (velvet, matte, bright, or crystal) and were given the makeup to complete their look. With two days for the challenge, of course there was an added twist. The designers were asked to create a second ready-to-wear look to match their first design.

The bottom three included Ivy, who had trouble fitting her model, Valerie, and Michael. The judges agreed that Michael's garments were well constructed even if he missed the mark. Deciding between Ivy and Valerie was a difficult choice for the judges, as they thought both were equally terrible. Valerie was saved for another week, and Ivy was sent home.

The top three included Mondo, with his bright kaleidoscope dresses, Andy, and Gretchen. Andy's well constructed pants, and Gretchen's distinct design and use of feathers were judge favorites. Mondo won another challenge with his garments this week.

Do you agree that Mondo is the best designer of the season so far? Did the judges get this week's elimination right?


Andy South



Gretchen Jones



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Comments (9)

efbsews writes: I have watched Project Runway from the beginning - Season 1 on Bravo. It seems to me that each successive season they focus more and more on the "reality show" type of entertainment (personalities, cat fights, mean criticisms by both designers and judges) and less on the designing and sewing talents of the contestants. I am sure they think it makes for great TV but some of us are not amused. I find it interesting that (in my opinion) some of the very elements the judges slam the designers for are found marketed in either the judge's own stores or in the other judge's own books. I would like to see Mondo and Andy in the finals. I do think they will keep Michael and Gretchen at each others throat until the final 3 must be picked.....not because either has unique talent, but because of their reality show demeanor.
Posted: 3:31 pm on September 29th
coatcheck writes: I have to agree w/DreamyDahlia....OMG....what hip, young, fun woman would wear that Gretchen bathrobe looking thing...feathers or not. BTW, Michael C can design for me any day...OK...maybe lose that train on the last dress but his draping is flawless.
Posted: 11:11 am on September 29th
RubyLemons writes: Sadly, I agree that Ivy should have gone home this week. That dress, that color - oooh, hid - eee - ose! I liked her thinking and reasoning, but it just didn't turn out. Loved Mondo's look. He answered the challenge of making something that was over-the-top. It was sooo creative. Everybody else did well enough. I liked Valerie's dresses. I'm not sure why she got so hammered. Last comment: I totally disagree with the judges on Gretchen's dusty color caftan. Awful. And her ready-to-wear was also boring. She makes nice flowy clothes... out of bland colors... every time.
Posted: 3:12 pm on September 27th
JoleenKnits writes: Just returned home and watched the show. Totally agree with ConnieLK & txdrling. Didn't much like Mondo at first, but he's become one of my favorites. I just don't get Gretchen. When that 1st thing came out I thought she was finally going to be eliminated. Talk about hideous and unwearable. Where were Michael Kor's comments about homemade? Christopher's designs always appeal. Michael C's clothing is well-made and would fly off the rack. My sister lives in a wealthy area; she claims that all of her friends want his clothes. But Gretchen? How many real women would wear that stuff?
Posted: 3:01 pm on September 27th
elily00 writes: I somewhat agree about Gretchen's. I think it needed more shape on top, and that weird front panel just did not help it out. What a terrible color.

Mondo was a good choice for winner, but WHY was Christopher not in the top 3??? He was my pick for winner! I loved his look, but maybe it's just my taste.

I don't know about Ivy going home this week. I actually think she should have gone home long ago, but based on this week's design, I would have picked Valerie. I love Valerie though, so I'm alright with her staying :) The back of Ivy's was beautiful! But, I agree that she should have added some sort of neutral to break it up. They should not in any world have sent her home for craftsmanship. She's proven herself there, so I think if that was even part of the reason they sent her home, that was a terrible decision.
Posted: 11:09 am on September 25th
beachart writes: Were the judges on crack????? The only thing I agreed with was sending Ivy home, but I didn't think Valerie was much better. Gretchen should have been in the bottom 3 as well, truly fugly! Mondo's fit the 'bright' challenge, I just see clown costume when I look at it, but I did like his rtw look. My pick for top 3: Andy, April and Michael C. And is any one else having trouble watching Gretchen? Every time she opens her mouth my attention starts to wonder and before I know it I have to back up the tivo because I've missed the last 15 minutes!
Posted: 10:29 pm on September 24th
ConnieLK writes: Mondo's design was unique. I thought throwing a second look in on day 2 was a little unfair. Still, I loved what some of them were able to achieve. But not all of the top three were good. I agree, Gretchen's design looked like a fat old lady, hippie wanna be's robe that had been clawed by her cats. It was awful. I usually come close to agreeing with the judges, but not about Gretchen's design.

Posted: 7:46 pm on September 24th
txdrling writes: I love MONDO's work. Did not care for his work at the first of this season but he has really knocked it out of the ballpark a couple of times now. Excellent. The only other look I would consider fashion is Andy but I dont care for it, needed more color than goth I think.
Posted: 7:05 pm on September 24th
DreamyDahlia writes: Mondo's design was probably the best choice for winner this week. I loved his second 'wearable' look. I'm glad to see whiny Ivy go home as I've not thought any one of her designs has had merit this season. I do believe what the others are saying...she is a great seamstress but falls far short of being even a mediocre designer. Even though the judges really liked it, Gretchen's design looked like something old ladies wear when they 'accidently' gain a hundred pounds! Valerie tries and tries and I'm glad to see she will have the opportunity to try once more.
Posted: 6:50 pm on September 24th
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