How to Machine Embroider Your Own Paper Right at Home

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JenniferStern Jennifer Stern, contributor
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Embroider your own designer paper!
Reinforce your paper with Soft n Sheer Stabilizer.
Use Aleenes Tacky Spray Adhesive to stick the stabilizer onto the back of the paper.
Use temporary adhesive spray to adhere the paper into the hoop.
Embroider your own designer paper!

Embroider your own designer paper!

Photo: jen stern

If you can't find the embroidered paper of your dreams, you can use your favorite lightweight designs and stitch your own. If you missed Jeffery's post on unusual embroidered papers from India, be sure to check it out. The trick to embroidering your own is to use lightweight designs and a small needle. Here's how to do it. Use a good quality sketch paper like I did here, or visit a stationary store and get some larger sheets. You can find a wide variety of papers that are made with cotton fibers. These papers work the best, but you can reinforce any substantial paper before you embroider it. If your paper doesn't have any cotton fibers, use Aleene's Tacky Spray Adhesive, and stick a sheet of Soft n' Sheer stabilizer to the wrong side before you hoop it.

Hoop a piece of Soft n' Sheer stabilizer and use temporary adhesive spray to adhere the paper into the hoop. Put in a size 10 embroidery needle and import your choice of lightweight designs into your machine. Embroider the motif onto the paper. Do not baste in the hoop--because it will leave holes!

Remove the hoop from the machine. Trim closely around the design to free it from the stabilizer that was holding it in the hoop. Don't try to peel or trim the stabilizer that was glued to the back--you could damage or rip the paper. Repeat the process until you've dotted the entire paper with beautiful embroidery!

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Comments (8)

JenniferStern writes: Hi, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Yes, I embroider on a Pfaff 2170 and a Pfaff Creative Vision at home. The designs are also from Pfaff. If you visit their website you can check out all their design collections. (You don't have to have a Pfaff embroidery machine to stitch their designs.)

Posted: 10:04 am on September 19th
ndraime writes: Do you have an embrodiery machine at home to do this with, and where did you get your pattern..


ndraime/Yesterday/Todays Market
Posted: 1:51 am on August 31st
sarahelizabeth writes: Very beautiful!
Posted: 5:44 pm on August 21st
JenniferStern writes: Jeff--welcome to my world, I was off on something else when inspiration struck!! It's hard for creative spirits to find time to do it all...I imagine your gorgeous paper masterpieces might take more than a few minutes. Thank you for sharing your craft, even though I don't work with paper as a rule, it's very inspiring!
Posted: 8:02 am on August 12th
Jeff_Rudell writes: Jennifer: You've ruined me!!!! Now that I know I'm not limited by the type of embroidered papers I can buy off the shelf my mind is racing to all manner of projects I want to begin. This is a disaster since my mind is already running in ten directions. I'm going to be so busy playing with this new process it's unlikely I'll ever get any of my work done now! :-) Thank you for the great tutorial.
Posted: 1:41 am on August 12th
JenniferStern writes: Hi Shannon,

This flower is part of the Grand Dream Collection #404 from Pfaff. My parents got me the new Creative Vision for my birthday in March, and at the time, I though these were the prettiest designs, so I got them too! (I had to resize it slightly and it fit in the 140 x 225 hoop for my other machine because my CV is on a short service vacation!)
Posted: 4:59 pm on August 11th
Shannon_Dennis writes: p.s. where did you get that beautiful design?!
Posted: 3:04 pm on August 11th
Shannon_Dennis writes: I love doing this Jennifer! I have a few fun art pieces I've embroidered on paper (especially rice paper) and given as gifts. It is a perfect gift for that hard-to-buy-for someone.
Posted: 3:04 pm on August 11th
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