How to Crochet a Headband!

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Hey guys and gals!


I just made this great crocheted wool headband with a little added flair! Perfect for keeping your ears warm in style this fall! Its just a basic headband, but I added a bobble stitch (see instructions below) every other row so that it makes a diagonal line one way, and then I turned it around, so that there is a zig zag pattern (confused? check out the picture to see what I'm talking about). 


~ yarn of your choice, not too thin, not too thick. Wool or wool blend is very cozy, but it can be scratchy too, so make sure you choose something that you'll actually want to wear!

~ I'm using a 5.00 mm hook, but you may want to use a different size depending on the size of your yarn


How to do it:

~ Start out by choosing the width that you want your headband to be. I made mine 10 stitches wide, and with the yarn I'm using that is about 2-2.5 inches wide. Any width will work fine!

~ make 10 chain stitches (more or less depending on how wide you want it to be) and follow that with a row of single crochet stitches. add a chain stitch, turn around and make a single stitch in the second stitch of the last row you did. 

~ ok. now we're ready to make our first bobble stitch! wrap the yarn over your hook, and go in to the next stitch. wrap the yarn over the hook again, and pull through the first two loops. then, wrap the yarn over again, go into the same stitch, wrap the yarn over again, and pull through the first two loops. Repeat this two more times, and you should end up with 5 loops on your hook. wrap the yarn over once again, and pull through all 5 loops. do a single stitch into the next stitch, and finish the row with single stitches. 

~ do a whole row of single stitches. we have to do this so that all your bobble stitches come out on the front side.

~ start your next row by doing a single stitch into each of the first two stitches. now you will do a bobble stitch in the third stitch of your previous row. complete the row with single stitches.

~ get the pattern? ok! so you're going to keep doing this, remembering to make a row of single stitches in between each row with a bobble stitch, and you're going to put the bobble stitch one stitch further into the row each time. So you'll put it in the 4th stitch, then the 5th, etc. until you put it in the 9th.

~ instead of putting a bobble stitch in the 10th stitch, just do a single stitch, you want to put the bobble in the eighth stitch so that your bobbles start going back towards the other side of the band, making a zig zag pattern. Then you'll put it in the 7th stitch, etc...

~ when you get to about 4 inches away from the final length you want it to be, I made mine narrower by doing a single crochet stitch in every other stitch of the previous row. I did this for about 3.5 inches, and then I did two single stitches in each stitch for two rows to widen it back out again. 

~ As far as connecting the two ends, just be creative!


~Have Fun!!~



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