How to Make Simple White Paper Flowers

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Jeff_Rudell Jeffery Rudell, contributor
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This bouquet of delightfully airy flowers is as easy to make as it is beautiful.
Feather-weight blossoms sit atop gracefully arched wire stems; they even sway gently at the slightest breeze.
A unique white-on-vellum paper adds visual texture while allowing light to penetrate its translucent surface.
This bouquet of delightfully airy flowers is as easy to make as it is beautiful.

This bouquet of delightfully airy flowers is as easy to make as it is beautiful.

Photo: Jeff Rudell
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When designing a project, I usually have two objectives: 1) to make something beautiful, and 2) to make something that's simple to construct. It's this second part-keeping things simple-that's the real challenge. However, with this project, as with my previous post of Perfect Paper Daisies, the elements came together in a surprisingly elegant solution.

The response to that last post was quite positive (thank you to everyone who left a comment for me) so, as promised, I'm happy to present here a project originally created for, and published in, Brides magazine. For anyone who hasn't already browsed its site, I strongly recommend taking a look. It has some absolutely stunning craft ideas to offer and it is a great place to go for inspiration when you're planning a party, wrapping a gift, or decorating your home. This set of directions is slightly expanded (and I hope, improved) from those originally created for Brides.

Check out a video of this project here.

Note to readers: When crafting, it's often easier to set up an assembly-line workflow. These flowers, especially, lend themselves to such a process. You'll save a lot of time by cutting out all of the round disks first before moving on to creasing, trimming, gluing, and assembling. We all, of course, have our own preferred way of working, but this is what has worked best for me.

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1) White, translucent paper. I used a USA Silkscreen, machine-made vellum with white pattern paper stock. Style number: 5000, sheet size: 22" x 30 ", price: $6.00/sheet. Available at New York Central Art Supply (62 Third Avenue @ 11th Street, New York, NY 10003, 212-473-7705 OR view the product on its website.)
2) Floral wire (The gauge is dependent on the size and weight of the flowers you decide to make. The wire should be pliable enough to give you a graceful bend but should then hold its shape.)
3) Green floral tape for wrapping the floral wire. These tapes often come in light and dark green shades. I chose a light green to help give the bouquet the fresh, bright, springlike look of new growth.
4) A 3" circle template (I used a simple juice glass as my template.)
5) A pair of scissors and a craft or X-Acto knife
6) A pair of small needle-nose pliers
7) High-quality paper adhesive (I recommend Lineco Neutral pH Adhesive [$7.95 for an 8-oz. bottle] because it dries fast and clear and it is water soluble.)

How to make the blossoms:

Begin with a 3" circle of paper. You'll need one disk of paper for each blossom. Given the relatively small size of each of these flowers, I recommend making at least two dozen blossoms in order to have a spray of flowers substantial enough to fill a vase. Luckily, the vellum paper is quite thin, so it's possible to cut three or four disks at once.

Begin by folding the circle of paper in half, then again, into quarters, and one final time, into eighths. Firmly press all creases to ensure they are sharp and straight.

With your disk folded into a tight wedge, trim as indicated by the dotted line in the illustration to the left. Unfold the disk and lay it flat.

Using a craft knife, trim as indicated, being careful to leave a small flap (A). Glue A to B using a paper glue that will dry clear. Hold until dry.

Once the glue has dried, re-bend all of the creases and pinch the tips of the petals as indicated by the dotted lines, to add shape and texture to the blossoms.

Detail: Notice the way in which each petal is crimped. I left a few blossoms unpinched to give them the look of newly opened buds.

How to make and attach the flower stems:

(Note to readers: The next four images began life as a single, large image. In order to adapt this picture to fit the structure of the webpage, it was necessary for me to divide it into four distinct images. It is for this reason that the illustration of the flower stems that runs along the left-hand edge of these pictures appears to be cut into four segments. Please don't let this confuse you. The flower stems should be a single length of wire with a loop at one end. Thank you.)

Begin with a piece of floral wire 10–16" long. Use the needle-nose pliers to form a small loop (approx. 1/4") in one end.

Wrap the loop with a small length of green floral tape to form the pistil of the flower.

Gently thread the wire through the center of a completed paper blossom.

Hold the blossom between the thumb and forefinger of one hand. Beginning at the base of the blossom, wrap the remainder of the wire with floral tape. This is best done by rotating the wire stem with one hand while holding the floral tape snugly in the other hand.


Attach two or more stems together by wrapping floral tape around multiple wires at once. To finish, bend the stems into graceful shapes before arranging them in a vase for display.

Check out a video of this project here.

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AnnGGG writes: Much better alternative than getting those terrible fake plastic flowers. Can't wait to give it a try myself, thank you!
Posted: 7:33 am on September 15th
IsabelBradley writes: Looks like a perfect winter decoration for my home, thanks!
Posted: 2:58 am on April 20th
BobTenant writes: Lovely. I would prefer this project over real flowers any day.
Posted: 8:17 am on April 1st
yellowgorilla265 writes: I love this guide. Your white flowers and classy and elegant. I will definitely try to do them myself. They are so perfect for a gift!
Posted: 7:11 am on March 28th
ZaraSummerson writes: So stylish and perfect, I will definitely try it to refresh my office space.
Posted: 11:25 am on March 24th
DebbyR writes: It looks amazing! I actually thought it was real flowers. Really inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for sharing.
Posted: 7:40 am on March 24th
EdwardThirlwall1 writes: This Is something that my wife would potentially like. The idea of not having to throw away dead or drying out flowers while having a nice centrepiece year round will definitely be something she'll look forward too! And it looks like it's really simple to get the end look like this too! Thanks for sharing!
Posted: 11:27 pm on December 7th
KieraHawkins writes: Simplicity can be so beautiful! Good work
Posted: 4:40 am on August 15th
JHolloway writes: Beautiful! I love the idea of so naturally looking flowers that at the same time do not harm the nature. I wish I was able to make them myself but I doubt I could do it.
Posted: 3:30 am on August 11th
caroline75 writes: Absolutely incredible, this is so beautiful !!!
Posted: 9:05 am on August 10th
Criativa writes: Love this project. Thanks very much.;)

Posted: 11:22 am on August 8th
EchoLin writes: graceful pure flowers, so pretty.Thank you share this for me. i 'm going to make some similar things these days
Posted: 1:05 am on March 20th
Natasha16 writes: thank you for sharing. how pretty.
Posted: 5:58 am on January 17th
turningchain writes: I made these using the small cupcake cups so that I didn't have to cut the 3" circles. They turned out lovely and have a nice effect with the creases! Thanks for a great project. They are fast and look beautiful. I'm using it as a centerpiece for a bridal shower.
Posted: 8:29 am on January 24th
Fadeaway12a writes: These are sooooo adorable!! I am actually making them right now as I type this...
Super easy so far...
Heres some changes I made though...
I am making my circles 2 and a quarter inch... because my paper is 8.5x11in and I can get more circles out of the paper that way.

I ordered 2 types of paper from The "Vellum Sukashi Floral White" (which is very similar to the paper used in this tutorial) and it's only $37 + shipping for 50 sheets!!

I also tried their "Translucent Glama Vellum Paper Pastel Pink" which is even cheaper at $11.04 + shipping for 50 sheets! BUT... definitely not as nice as the Sukashi floral white paper... its harder to fold and work with, and not as pretty...

you can also order samples of their paper before you commit to buying a whole pack which is nice.

hope these recommendations will help someone out.
Posted: 9:03 pm on May 31st
Patmaker writes: These are so pretty and dainty looking love them! great job!
Posted: 2:51 pm on May 25th
Redguide writes: As soon as I sa these I knew I woud love to use them for something. I made some immediately with just stuff I had around the house. Plain white paper and pipecleaners. I can't wait to get the real supplies and make a bouquet or two for a luncheon we are having a week Sunday. So simple, and so effective. Thank you so very much.
Posted: 4:34 pm on April 27th
pinkkangaroo writes: Those look so real. Mr.Rudell these are amazing works of art!
Posted: 2:27 pm on April 12th
sugarfairyplum writes: Mr. Rudell you are an artist!
Posted: 6:40 pm on September 29th
crystalkell writes: These are fabulous! I am getting married in 2 months and being an avid papercrafter I am having a paper bouquet (my bridesmaids are too) and I was looking for a filler flower, these are it. Thanks for the how to.
Posted: 6:07 am on June 3rd
Anni329 writes: Your work is elegant... Please keep sending these instructions. You make the world a better place.
Posted: 1:46 pm on May 20th
Rooty_Tooty writes: Very nice! Like your daisies, too! Hope you will share more of your flowers.
Posted: 7:37 pm on April 3rd
camilaustral writes: very very pretty! they don't look made from paper at all!
Posted: 2:21 pm on December 30th
White121 writes: There are many different types of paper which can be used for making paper flowers... Thanks 4 ideas!!!
Posted: 6:49 am on August 31st
DebraC writes: Love these delicate and lovely blossoms :).
Posted: 12:55 am on August 3rd
PeaceKnitter writes: I absolutely fell in love with these flowers and immediately printed off the directions and ran to buy the supplies. Unfortunately...I'm doing something WRONG!!! And it is driving me up the wall..please any tips on how you had such success with these????
Posted: 12:10 pm on July 30th
kkved writes: nice
Posted: 10:39 pm on July 15th
lizzy321 writes: Have seen flowers much like these made from styrofoam egg cartons.
Posted: 1:39 am on April 27th
Maureclaire writes:
YOU are amazing ! Will you marry me ? !
Posted: 3:32 pm on March 29th
bichette writes: I tried... Snif...
'Realy desoled for my english, please tell me if you've receved my so beautiful bouquet ! lol !
Posted: 5:17 pm on March 12th
bichette writes: Hello, I try to send a picture...
Posted: 5:13 pm on March 12th
iekisch writes: Hello, I translated your article and placed it at my blog. Hpoe that is ok :)
Posted: 3:00 pm on February 6th
Jeff_Rudell writes: Dear tonistre: The trick to getting Floral Tape to stick (or so I've found) is to keep in mind that the tape sticks best to ITSELF. This means the trick is to get the tape stuck to itself with a quick roll of the wire and tape together between your thumb and forefinger. Floral tape also seems to get "stickier" if you stretch it a little as you're rolling it. I'd suggest practicing rolling tape around a pencil (or something rigid) until you get a feel for how the tape responds to being stretched and pressed onto itself. I hope this helps.
Posted: 10:22 pm on January 20th
tonistre writes: I love these flowers. I just can't get the tape to go on the wire stems and the frustration level is intense. Is there a trick to twisting the tape on the wire? or is this just a "practice" thing?
Posted: 9:41 am on January 18th
smithking writes: I Love these and have been admiring your work for some time. I just used these in the base of a hat project for my art school. If you would like to see what I did with your design...
Posted: 3:54 am on October 30th
riizu writes: I am so excited to use these in my wedding next year!
Posted: 1:51 pm on October 28th
evonnie writes: I made these little flowers, and they turned out just wonderful. A long time friend is moving out of state, so I gave her a tea party as a going away party. I made the flowers and they looked marvelous! They were so lite and airy and fantastic looking. I used white tissue paper, and I loved them. Thank you for such an innovative idea.
Posted: 9:42 am on September 24th
gardenparty writes: love


as a green event planner, i am always looking for cool alternatives to cut flowers. these are contemporary, modern and whimsical.

i hope i get to incorporate these into an event design soon.

Posted: 11:00 pm on September 6th
Jrsjewels writes: Very pretty. So dainty and elegant!
Posted: 7:28 am on August 31st
oshynlover writes: Those are so real looking from across the room. I love it. Goes well with my dining decor and the kitties won't eat them. :) Thanks for the idea.
Posted: 5:42 am on August 21st
craftasaurus writes: Ooooh! These are so pretty, I can't decide which ones I like better, the daisies or these! I think if I were forced to chose I'd pick BOTH. Thanks so much for your posts--they are awesome. I love how simple and elegant they are.
Posted: 2:21 pm on August 19th
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