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Of course, undeniable that the wedding ring is always the most important wedding jewelry, but at the same bride, do not forget to consider carefully the other jewelry she was wearing, like gorgeous bracelets, beautiful necklaces and earrings, all of which related to the prevalence trends in bridal jewelry are should understand it.


20 years of the last century has been popular ring style - square head and inlaid pear-shaped diamond ring - began to appear in the modern brides on the nimble fingers. This square design and the diamond were originally intended to reflect a gently flickering candle to attract other people's attention. You can choose to compare a wide flat ring, and inlaid with radiant gems, this is the most popular trends in engagement ring.


At present, inlaid with precious stones, silver or gold bracelet is a rough fashion T table. Small crystal bracelet or beads strung into a bracelet looks than with gemstone bracelet made slightly more awkward to add charming temperament. When the bride wore an ancient ancestral style bracelet came corridor, the showing amplifier and classic charm, but also let us feels a little bit of nostalgia.

Earrings and necklace

Modern wedding jewelry are more and more bold and assertive. Currently the most popular wedding is of long pendant earrings. Swaying the pendant can be diamonds, jewelry, and even glass, and highlights the endless charm and full of artistic taste. Slender earrings hang to the shoulders; it has attracted extra brides of all ages. "Bigger is better" philosophy I do not know when to start also from the application and throughout the fashion gemstone necklace. Gemstone pendant is no longer confined to one or two; there can be three, four or even more.

If you do not like or do not suit such a bold style is no need disappointed because delicate style and world-class diamond pendant will never fall out of date. But if you want to be a fashionable bride, select jewelry be sure to refer to "bigger is better" principle.


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