Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 1

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_nikki_ Nicole Smith, contributor
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This week the final four were whittled down to the last three who will be showing at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. This week also marks the episode where Tim Gunn does his home visits and critiques the designers' work in progress. I always love these episodes every season because I think it shows different sides of each designer apart from the workroom stress created during the regular show. Plus, it's great to see Tim interacting with the families, which always makes for great television (the scene with Tim and Andy's catfish had me laughing out loud, and probably was my favorite part of the entire season so far aside from Ivy taking a karma-infused needle to the face.)

After the long trek to New York, the designers were met with yet another challenge (no surprises here). They were to create an eleventh look to go with their ten-piece collections, and then present the new look along with two original ensembles to the judges to try for a spot at Fashion Week.

After the show the judges praised Mondo's boldness, were concerned about Andy's versatility and taste, questioned Michael's editing, and were doubting the high-fashion appeal of Gretchen's work. In the end, Michael was sent home and the disappointment was truly overwhelming and emotional. I certainly hope this doesn't discourage him from forging on and pushing forward with his work. I enjoy his spirit, even if he doesn't know the names of the fabrics he uses.

So, what do you think? Whose collections are you looking forward to next week? Any winner predictions?

Andy South


Gretchen Jones

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Comments (8)

sewingkmulkey writes: Come on gals, you have to know that the producers slated Gretchen to be in the top 3 all along. So despite the judges calling her clothes "granola" (which they were), she got a place to show and kicked off Michael C with his gorgeous drapping ability. As much as this tactic disturbs me I continue to watch and enjoy the show as fashion and textiles are in my dreams!
Posted: 1:20 pm on October 25th
knittingirl writes: Gretchen...really? I want to like her, I actually liked quite a few of her designs. But she has been so unlikable in her commentary about other designers, especially Michael C, it's hard to like her. As for the runway, Michael C had beautiful designs. I think he actually does better with a short deadline. His 11th design was beautiful. I think Gretchen should have been the one sent home. Tim Gunn has made the distinction between clothes and fashion. Her runway looked more like clothes. Best luck to Michael. I think he has a lot of talent. Be brave Michael and hold onto you dreams!
Posted: 9:55 pm on October 24th
keelyerin writes: I really thought Gretchen's designs in the beginning were so much better than as the show went on. I hated her three looks for the last challenge - I can't imagine anyone but a middle-aged shlumpy person wearing them.

My question is this - since the Fashion Week shows are put on when there are still 5 or so designers in the running at the point we've reached in the season, don't the last 5 or 6 all technically show as decoys? So, didn't Michael C and April still show? And do they get the same amount as the other designers?

I'm excited to see the full collections! I can't wait to see what Mondo does :)
Posted: 10:42 pm on October 23rd
MissPat writes: I really don't care who wins now. Michael C. was my favorite and Gretchen should have gone home many weeks ago. Her designs are so blah, boring and just plain dull. I can't say that I would even consider wearing, let alone buy, anything that she makes. I agree with the comment regarding why the judges have them make 10 outfits and then look at only two.
By the way, have you looked at Michael Korrs collection for Fashion Week? Wouldn't buy any of it either!
I would love to meet Michael C. He may just be too nice for the Fashion Industry. I wish him the very best.
Posted: 9:40 am on October 23rd
Fabricgoddess writes: I watched Project Runway and I think Gretchen should have been the one to go home. Her outfits were terrible and tasteless. She had one outfit with the jacket and underwear, and the shorts with the hanging thing in the back, I don't get what that was for maybe to catch something, really judges. You picked these over a flowing elegant dress, and a beautiful jumpsuit. One thing I agree on with the judges she doesn't design high end clothing just "granola". They must have felt sorry for her or I guess you can't account for taste even when you sit in the judges chairs. Michael's designs still had some elegance to them. I'm not big on feathers but I think Micheal was a better designer than Gretchen. I am glad that the real competition know is between Mondo and Andy. That green outfit was gorgeous.
Posted: 9:37 am on October 23rd
abcameo writes: I don't understand why the judges told them to go home and create 10 designs, and put them through so much pressure and work, but then they only looked at two and added a third to be done on-the-spot.

Why didn't they look at the full line of each designer--or at least maybe 6 designs? If the judges were so concerned and "worried" about limited fabric, colorways and design concepts, why didn't they simply offer to go to the sewing room and view each contestant's entire line? Or invite them to bring out all the rest of their creations.
Posted: 1:44 am on October 23rd
Kukana writes: I have been continuously disappointed all season, but still....they are doing a better job than I could, so you have to give them all kudos for making it onto the show and these 4 for coming this far. Michael's reaction was so predictable - get on with it after all - if you look back at all the past seasons, at least the last 6 or so have gone on to do great things (don't have stats). People will definitely want his designs. But he's been insecure the whole way. I still think it's going to be a great runway show - I am psyched for next week - it will be interesting to see how Gretchen deals with the Granola comments. I am from Portland originally and I totally get her point of view. Not that I like everything she does, but I do know where she is coming from.
Posted: 8:01 pm on October 22nd
rjsnitz writes: I was so disappointed last night on the finale. Gretchen's outfits were horrible, minus maybe the brown one. I love the granola comment though. Teh back of her 11th outfit was nasty, it looked like she had her pants full. Andy's swimsuit was not his best work either by any means, but I loved his 11th outfit. That green with all the pleating was gorgeous. It kind of makes you wonder if it wasn't a set up for them all to show what was not their best work. I loved the 11th look Mondo made and he is by far the best designer and also the nicest one. I really felt it should be Mondo, Michael and Andy going to the grand finale. I can't believe Andy made all of those items in 2 weeks, that is crazy. Interesting to see what next week will bring, I'm sure drama of some sort.

I too hope that Michael not making the final 3 does not defeat him as a designer, he is talented. His family needs to be more supportive of him, that is horrible.
Posted: 7:12 pm on October 22nd
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