Project Runway: Season 8 - Finale Part 2

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Which designer did the judges choose as the winner of Season 8?
They loved Gretchens ready-to-wear collection.
Mondos collection was bold and inspired.
Which designer did the judges choose as the winner of Season 8?

Which designer did the judges choose as the winner of Season 8?

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Most of this two-hour episode was devoted to watching the final three designers prepare for the runway, and reuniting with the rest of the cast. We don't learn much from the first 3/4 of the show, and it was a relief to finally get to fashion week. After a lot of drama early in the season, the final three designers are friendly and supportive of each other now that they have reached the end. We don't get to see the designers pick their models, or very much of the drama surrounding Mondo replacing three of them. The details of getting each of the collections to the runway seemed almost like an afterthought this season. After quick intros by each of the designers, we get to see the final three collections as Nina, Michael, Heidi, and guest judge Jessica Simpson look on.

Andy's collection is a bit safe and, according to Nina, went "overboard on Orientalism". When the judges convene on the runway to make their decision, Andy is quickly placed in third. They wished he would have made more of an impact with his opening look, and were missing some of the stregth he had shown throughout the season.

Andy South


Gretchen Jones


Mondo Guerra


The final judgement came down to a split decision between Mondo's bold collection (Heidi & Jessica) and Gretchen's more accessible ready-to-wear garments (Michael & Nina). They loved Mondo's collection as a show, but thought he could have used some editing. Gretchen would be more commercial, and Michael and Nina thought she was on trencd with her bohemian looks. We didn't get to see how the judges finally break the tie, but in the end it is Gretchen who is crowned the winner of Season 8.

Do you agree with the judges that Gretchen's collection would be more marketable? Was she really following the trends, or did she get lucky that her particular look is trendy right now? Should Mondo have been the winner as Heidi suggested? Check out all 30 looks from the final three collections and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Comments (10)

knittingirl writes: I'm still trying to figure out what happened! The $100k was stolen from Mondo. While I liked a few of Gretchen's designs, I was "confused" by the underpants look. Plus her long skirt and top looked fashion backward to me and not fashion forward. I love Tim Gunn and I would love to know what he really thinks about this season.
Posted: 10:32 pm on November 28th
Fabricgoddess writes: I am so disappointed in the judges decision I can't believe that they picked Gretchen as the winner. I think Michael and Nina have been sitting in those judges chairs to long and have not been to any fashion shows lately. If they have they would have picked the real winners Mondo and Andy. I will include Michael C as a winner because I think he would have presented a better collection than Gretchen. Gretchen should have gone home when she presented the underwear outfits. Maybe Michael and Nina can wear them. I hope the bad judgement on the judges part reflect on the shows ratings. Maybe people will be disappointed enough to stop watching. One less reality tv show is no loss. Then we can send Michael, Nina, and Heidi home.
Posted: 10:20 pm on November 7th
kayar1 writes: I can't believe that Nina and Michael actually pulled enough weight for that horrible collection (Gretchen's) to actually win!!!! I am 72 years old aand I wouldn't be caught dead in that awful stuff, much less buy it!! I don't think young people will go for it either, so where's her market? The judges were asleep at the switch on this one! In the years past, the collections were good enough that it didn't really matter who won, but this year was absolutley dreadful. Both Andy's and Mondo's collections were sophisticated and beautiful and either one was deserving of the win....I predict that Gretchen's line will wither and die on the vine....or worse yet, end up as "rags"at Target or K=Mart. NOT GOOD ENOUGH to win Project Runway! How disappointing....
Posted: 12:15 am on November 7th
SewJoe writes: I was so disappointed in Nina and Michael supporting Gretchen. These two judges even admitted that the collection was 'off the rack' 'sale-able' and many women would buy it. But only one week earlier they were calling it "Granola". Heidi said it best: "it's a design show", and Heidi supported Mondo for all the right reasons. Mondo's collection was fresh, bold, edgy and had all the star qualities that are the epitome of a runway show.

I think Michael and Nina have gone 'safe' and should be put out to pasture--get some new blood in the judging, Heidi. Boring winners: Irina, Gretchen, and that gal who did all those flappy fins on her entire line---Yawn. Keep Project Runway exciting with winners like Christian, Seth Aaron, and (should have been) Mondo.
Posted: 12:00 pm on November 6th
mafe writes: I was really surprised Gretchen won. I thoght Mondo or Andy was going to win. Gretchen designs were so boring. My mother wouldn't wear them (she's 82).

I have lost faith in our judges and the show. I have my sewing students watch this show. They too were surprised.
Posted: 9:42 pm on November 5th
coatcheck writes: That collection of Gretchen's??? Give me a break. I hope that they give all the contestants a CD of this season so that in 10-20 years they can look back at themselves...see and hear everything that we all saw...Gretchen will be mortified that her behavior was so awful...her collection is a reflection of her personality..god-awful. Who in the world wears this stuff?
I live in SoBe and trust me, her stuff is so not happening...

Does she think Kim Kardashian and her sisters are going to wear those Granny things??? NOT!!!
Posted: 8:07 pm on November 5th
ntpats writes: I personally liked Andy's pieces!! The winner's pieces were dull and those panty/shorts are hideous---who will wear it and where? But, who am I to judge!!!
Posted: 6:49 pm on November 5th
ConnieLK writes: I think Gretchen's clothes were slightly better for the finale than for the rest of the season. I have no idea how she got to the finale, much less won. Her clothes are dowdy and dated, nothing I would wear because they would make me look too old, and I am in my 50's. Granny panties and leather jackets? Get real!
I think that the judges were just going for the shock value of having the least talented person win.
I am looking forward to the new fashion designers' show. One can only hope that the judges actually have some taste on that show. I doubt very much that I will be watching PR in the future.
Posted: 6:15 pm on November 5th
TwilaO writes: I could not have disagreed with their decision more! To my own surprise, I liked Andy's collection the best - SO sophisticated! Then Mondo's and last of all Gretchen's dowdy depressing hippie collection.
Posted: 4:35 pm on November 5th
hhalberg writes: Loved Andy and Gretchen's collections. I was very surprised that Andy wasn't first or second. Loved Andy's gray top that had a woven look in the front.

This year the judges (Michael & Nina) were looking at the sale ability and the casualness vs. Heidi and Jessica.

The biggest issue I had with Gretchen was the shorts. They looked like Granny panties.
Posted: 4:17 pm on November 5th
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