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The exclusivity of fashion designer handbags speaks of nothing but regal. And as if a part of a long-standing chain, regal is a class of its own. It is how you define designer bags at its best. Drop all the names you can ever recall when it comes to luxury ladies handbags and you’ll find Goyard handbags in the list. Making its name felt since 1853, the French brand has almost always been synonymous to elegance and style. Much like other coveted labels, Goyard bag also comes from a colorful tradition.

Originally Goyard bags from luggage manufacturing, Goyard bags came to be known as one of the most coveted brands in the worldwide market. The label initially created luggage and bags that signify the colors of aristocratic families in the country. Soon enough, its ingenuous design known as the chevron made waves in the eyes of the fashion-forward. Comprised of a three-dimensional design, the Goyard chevron is positioned to form a Y painted in four colors. This trademark design has won the hearts of a lot of people all over the world. Goyard bags became a primary fashion staple with the likes of versace bags, Miu Miu bags, leather shoulder handbags and red patent leather handbags.

Such was its popularity that fake handbag have become a merchandise in the black market. However, the craftsmanship of the brand is not easy to be touted. Authentic Goyard handbags do not carry a smell which would remind one of vinyl. A closer look and one will find that the bags’ black leather trimmings are stitched with black thread. All other colors are fastened with white thread. Hailing its attention to detail, luxury bags carry a big difference. Since the evening bags are hand-painted, one can see that the dots have distinct raised textures. So much so, that the texture is easily felt by hand.

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