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MichaelaMurphy Michaela Murphy, contributor
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This week: You asked for more and here it is: another gorgeous handmade bloom tutorial by papercrafter, Jeffery Rudell.

This week: You asked for more and here it is: another gorgeous handmade bloom tutorial by papercrafter, Jeffery Rudell.

Photo: Jeffery Rudell

Mid-August already!  Summer is at it's peak and for many of us, this is the last chance Texaco to get in some serious kick-back and relax time. In just a few weeks, we'll be gearing up for the fall, and dare I say it?  The holidays. This could be the perfect time for you to get a jump start on your gift making list, or to take a step back and build up your skills set so that you are at the ready by summer's end.  Either way, you are sure to find a wonderfully creative experience in one of the fab projects and tutorials from the CraftStylish dream team.  Here's a preview to tickle your craft fancy:

  • Are you feeling victorious about a particular crafting accomplishment?  You can turn your DIY success into a CraftStylish homepage feature.  Post the story and some pictures of your amazing feat in our CraftStylish Craftathlon and you can join our growing roster of handmade super-stars and share your project with the world!
  • If you thought that last week's paper daisies were amazing, just wait. Jeffery Rudell's gorgeous post showed us the beauty to be crafted out of a simple circle of paper and left us all clamoring for more.  This week, the paper-craft master responds with another fabulous paper flower tutorial so that you can make a whole bouquet of different blooms.
  • Are you looking for a super-quick and very lovely gift to make?  Be sure to look for Shannon Dennis's French Seam Organza Bag project.  These little beauties could be used as a special place to store keepsakes, or fill them up with flowers, and herbs to create a sweet sachet.
  • On Wednesday Diane Gilleland turns out another incredible how-to project: How To Emboss a Metal Tin.  Using ordinary commercial mint containers, Diane shows us how to make extraordinary pieces of art. They are so pretty and yet so easy to make you can whip up a whole collection in the time it takes to go through packages of Altoids.
  • The extremely cool techniques continue, when Kathy Cano-Murillo, The Crafty Chica's, shares her discovery of yet another way to work with resin.  Kathy'll show you how to create thin sheets from this crafting material and start you off on a project designed to inspire more fantastic applications.
  • Mary Ray mixes it up this week with a twin-needle tutorial to boost your skill repetoire and a wonderfully useful project so that you can try out what you've learned: a 'corrugated' coffee cup holder. If you are not yet familiar with the glories of working with a twin needle, Mary's expert step-by-step is sure to make you a fan.
  • Pretty up your powder room with Jennifer Stern's fantastic tutorial: How to Insert a Crocheted Lace Band into a Hand Towel.  Jen's superb directions, and inspired idea will show you how to make a ho-hum bath towel luxurious and lovely.
  • It's time to get organized!  No matter what's in your stash, Linda Permann, and Susan Beal,will shrae their favorite tips on how to keep things safe and offer practical ideas on how to pare it down.
  • Plus, another great knitting project from the needles of Tina HiltonDiane Gilleland interviews the super-wonderous, crafty-marvel, Meggiecat. And guest blogger Linda Griepentrog shares some highlights from her ASG, Hong Kong tour, and some info on how you can get in on the next adventure.


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meggiecat writes: Michaela,

Wow! A mention on this fabulous site. I was honored by Diane's request for an interview and am looking forward to it's publication. I even felt a tiny bit famous ;-)

Kathy aka meggiecat

Posted: 8:10 pm on August 17th
Newfs writes: Just needed to let you know, I and THRILLED with this awesome web site. I am addicted to checking it everyday. Something is added constantly, and so many different catagories. I have a ton of craft sites that go to, but none of them compare to this site... Thank You so much for being the web site that HAS IT ALL IN ONE PLACE. CraftStylish is a must have for a Bookmark/Favorite.
Posted: 8:12 am on August 17th
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