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Shannon_Dennis Shannon Dennis, contributor
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This applique technique could be done on anything!

This applique technique could be done on anything!

Photo: Used with permission from sewingideas.com

If it is good enough for Martha Stewart it's good enough for me! I love this site. Sewing Ideas couldn't be a better name! Living in Cleveland, Ohio we're already seeing the start of another 10 months of winter but projects like this adorable hoodie make it easier to bear. I love the flat iron case too! There is a great, interactive piece on there called Understanding A Sewing Machine which compares a Singer, Husqvarna Viking and Pfaff machine. It also helps you learn the different types of sewing machines out there and what the pieces/parts are. It is a great tool if you're shopping for a new machine!

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Comments (5)

HeyHan writes: So cute.. http://www.pulloversweatshirts.net/
Posted: 5:04 am on May 30th
samsstuff writes: So cute that I had to immediately go to the site for a look! There are some nice, simple & very cute ideas there. Thanks for letting us know about it!
Posted: 11:46 pm on February 14th
Craft_Crazy22 writes: I've never been really into any particular animal or anything like that. Don't have clothes with animals on them. But when I saw this, I thought huh, that's cute. And then redirected my thinking to ya, but what would you put that on?!? Shortly after I went to Joanns to pick up some fabric to make a fabric java jacket and this owl and apple tree printed fleece jumped out at me. You've done it. I'm hooked on owls. thanks!! :D
Posted: 11:34 pm on September 4th
shatfield writes: I just love it!
Posted: 4:24 am on September 1st
MaeveQ writes: Totally cute!
Posted: 8:21 am on August 31st
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