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LindaPermann Linda Permann, contributor
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Jessic will transform your plastic bags into plarn for a nominal fee.
Recycled, handspun newspaper yarn.
Jessic will transform your plastic bags into plarn for a nominal fee.

Jessic will transform your plastic bags into plarn for a nominal fee.

Photo: Jessica Mattingly

Jessica Mattingly likes the challenge of working with something different, and she definitely succeeds with her amazing recycled yarns. Read this interview with Jessica on MKCarrol's blog, then check out her etsy shop for unique handspun creations. I love that she actually spins the plastic and paper into yarn (rather than just cutting the strips) because it seems like it would be a lot easier to work with. She even offers a plarn (plastic yarn) making service where you send her your plastic bags and she'll transform them into plarn at the rate of $.20 per yard, and she'll throw your old mix tapes into the skein for free. This is eco-crafting at its best!

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Comments (6)

ZalinaShishani writes: good job.
Posted: 5:44 am on September 28th
deancook writes: This is soo nice.
Posted: 12:14 am on June 11th
Waheguru writes: nice product.
Posted: 2:09 am on May 13th
RaymondBHwang12 writes: I appreciate with your work.
Posted: 1:09 am on March 31st
LindaPermann writes: It's great to recycle your plastic however you go about it. At 20 cents a yard it would be $20 for 100 yards- while that is a little expensive, I doubt there will ever be a day when one person making something specifically for you will ever be able to match the price of a yarn manufacturer.
Posted: 3:01 pm on September 1st
merilynne writes: This is an unusual, clever approach to recycling. She is to be complimented. However, at .20 per yard, I would find it far cheaper to take my plastic bags to the local grocerty store for recycling (they have a special collection point for them) and use my monoey to pay novelty yarns when then come on sale. While I like the novelty of this item, It is really expensive.
Posted: 8:41 am on August 30th
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