The Art of Making Great Coffee

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Enjoy a great cup of coffee in a designer mug.  A great cup of coffee begins with a clean pot.  Even a small amount of grime in the pot can change the taste of your coffee.  Next clean filtered water is your best bet for perfect coffee.  The chemicals in tap water can change the taste of your coffee.  So if you have a dirty pot and tap water your coffee isn't going to be the best tasting coffee that you deserve.  Next, use quality coffee.  Coffee does not last forever.  Some people seem to think that coffee lasts for months but in fact it begins to deteriorate shortly after it is roasted.  Ground coffee deteriorates more quickly than whole bean coffee.  So if you want the best cup of coffee use a clean pot, filtered water and freshly ground coffee.  Now all you need is the perfect mug to enjoy your perfect cup of coffee with.  The Mug Gallery creates designer mugs.  Visit The Mug Gallery at www. 

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