Another Way to Create a Great Narrow Hem

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MaryRay Mary Ray, contributor
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A neat, narrow hem is often the perfect finish.
Turn the hem edge up 1/4 inch, press, and stitch.
Trim close to the stitching. (A curved embroidery scissor or an appliqué scissor are perfect tools for the task.)
Turn up the hem again and stitch.
The hem is finished perfectly on the right side with 2 rows of stitching on the inside.
A neat, narrow hem is often the perfect finish.

A neat, narrow hem is often the perfect finish.

Shannon Dennis did a great post a week or so ago on machine rolled hems. She has the knack when it comes to using that special foot on her machine. I never seem to be able to make mine work. Actually, I probably am just not patient enough. But, I’ve learned a fool-proof method of doing a neat narrow hem by machine. If you’re like me, and haven’t really mastered the rolled-hem foot, or you just don’t have one, give this method a try.

1. Turn up the hem edge ¼ inch. Press and machine stitch along the fold.
2. Trim away the excess fabric in the hem allowance close to the stitching.
3. Turn up the hem again. Press and machine stitch along the fold.

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OTorres writes: Mary Ray I have been doing it your way for years too. I have never been able to master the foot on the machine either. I always figured that was the best way.
To Mary's and Silly Missy response above "I'M SO CONFUSED." :)
Posted: 7:49 pm on November 22nd
littlelamb writes: I've been sewing for over 37 years and I have a much easier and faster way to make a narrow hem. I start the hem, then put the foot down on the turned hem. Insert the needle into the fabric. The needle and pressure foot act as a third hand. The 'open' side of the hem should be facing towards the hand you use most often. I make a 1/4" fold about 6" away from the needle. Then using your seam ripper, run it along the fold of the 'inbetween' (between your hand and the needle) fabric to quickly turn it under. The best hold for this is with the seam ripper laying almost flat on top of the fabric. The little 'nub' on the seam ripper helps make the fold. I can make a scant 1/8" to 3/8" hem doing it this way, depending on the fabric.

You won't ruin your fabric unless you pull it too tight or push too far in with the seam ripper as you fold the 'inbetween' fabric. This method saves ironing and trimming time. I hope this makes sense.
Posted: 3:44 pm on September 1st
SillyMissyMoo writes: Mary, My mother taught me a similar way to do a hem..we named it after her. The Jackie Hem.
Mark your hem 1/8 inch shorter than you need it to be,turn up and sew on that line . Cut off the material close to the sewing line. Turn up again and sew around again. A perfect hem every time.
Posted: 10:12 pm on August 30th
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