DIY Dark Chocolate Almond Wedding Favors with Stitiched Tag

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DIY Dark Chocolate Almond Wedding Favors with Stitiched Tag

DIY Dark Chocolate Almond Wedding Favors with Stitiched Tag

Photo: Cherish Flieder

Most everyone loves a good wedding and some­thing else we might have in common is a love for chocolate! I decided to create a batch of dark chocolate almonds so you could see how this yummy treat could be used to add an extra measure of delight to such a special occasion.

To start, I whipped up a huge batch of dark chocolate covered almonds. Click here for the instruc­tions on how to make these super deli­cious almonds, which are perfect for any occasion.

For the tag design, I started with a 8″ paper doily from which I cut a small 18 slice. I then cut a piece of white water­color paper to the same size to which I glued the doily so it would have a sturdy backing. From there, I added water­color accents using the official Pantone 2011 color, Honeysuckle. This is one of my favorite colors and I am sure many blushing brides will be surrounded by it this June!

On my tag I stitched the word “love” on a small rectan­gular swatch of white water­color paper. If you want to make this craft for your guests or bridal party, any name, initials or word would be perfect substi­tutes. To top it off I added a pre-​made ribbon flourish and hole punched the top. A strand of ribbon ties into a bow around the cluster of almonds in clear pack­aging wrap.

This is a sweet little treat and the tag itself becomes an instant keepsake to remember your special day!

Pattern or design used: My own design - Something to Cherish - Arts & Crafts
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