I need help remembering how to make a yarn flower using this "loom"...Can someone help me?

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Years and years ago I was taught how to make beautiful little "puff" flowers on this circular cardboard loom.  But I have forgotten how to do it.  Has anyone out there ever used this type loom.  The circle is notched, divided into "pie" sections.  Somehow you "warp" the loom then fill in the circle with yarn strung onto a weaving needle.  When it's all filled in you somehow lift each "petal" off the loom and pull a thread of yarn somehow and it creates a beautiful little "puff" flower...resembling a rose or ranunculus flower.

Here is a picture of the cardboard loom.

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ATorr17 writes: FIRST STEP push string through ant hold string so that the string is treded through center the end of thread will be on the bottom on top wrap around notch 1 and two and push some one string through hole wrap around finger to leave a loop about 3 inches keep finger in loop on top view withe the sting coming out of the ceter wrap aroung 7 and 8 push through loop around finger and continue till you have 4 loops around finger and all notches are filled

on string one wrap yarn arouund (be sure to wrap over first pulling under and then over once more to string 2 then the next string clockwise to that one complete going clockwise till you fill its big enough and then tie off

step 4 remove the hoops on the loom move away from loom

step 5 pull each loop indevidualy it will start to curl and you have your flower ^_^
Posted: 8:04 pm on February 9th
Miedy writes: I made those flowers back in the late 60's. I had them on the moccassins I wore to Woodstock! I've been all over the internet tonight trying to find out how I did it. Were you ever able to connect with anyone who remember how to do it?
Posted: 9:49 pm on May 25th
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