Free Red and White Quilt Patterns

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My copy of Vortex
Copy 1910 House Quilt
My copy of Vortex

My copy of Vortex

Free Red and White quilt patterns

I am new to this site but want to share with everyone instructions for some quilts I have made.  I have started a blog with the patterns.  So far I have a small replica of a 1910 quilt with Red and White house blocks. These houses have 2 stories.

In honor of the Red and White quilt show last week in NY, I will be soon posting instructions for the popular Vortex Quilt in the display.  Very easy, big impact!  Check out my blog: 


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Comments (5)

Ruth63 writes: I visited your blog and see the instructions with measurements. Is there a part two? I am most interested to know how you determine the incremental increases for each round of color. Thanks if you can provide some guidance on this.
Posted: 3:50 pm on February 5th
stamper13 writes: I downloaded your pattern for the Vortex quilt, I absolutly love it and have to make it. I have some questions regarding the cutting instructions for part 1. I have not cut any fabric yet. In part 2 you corrected the instuctions but i am still confused and not sure what too cut???? HELP
Posted: 4:32 pm on April 28th
atruebrit writes: Hi I was looking at instructions, couple ? you state 7yds and 7 1/2yds of each color, is this right? also when areyougoing to put up part 2, reason I am asking is in a couple weeks, I have to go back north, and I will not have internet , so i would love to get rest of instructions before I leave. Thanks for taking time to post the instructions, I love the quilt.

Posted: 11:33 am on April 11th
wojto writes: fell in love with this quilt the minute I laid eyes on it, been searching for patternever since, truly hope you come up with one, I thank you for the pattern in advance
Posted: 8:30 am on April 10th
thegirl writes: The vortex quilt is amazing! Thanks for sharing your pattern!

Posted: 7:13 pm on April 6th
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