How to Make Monocolor Scrapbook, Journal, and Wrapping Papers

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FriendyWendy Wendy Sloneker, contributor
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This super-juicy theme reminds me of the last-of-the-season berries.
Loads of fun and quick, spatter is a crafters secret weapon for speedy texture.
A variety of faux post, animal, and movie Halloween-type images.
This super-juicy theme reminds me of the last-of-the-season berries.

This super-juicy theme reminds me of the last-of-the-season berries.

Photo: Wendy Sloneker

Test-drive one of these techniques for journal, scrapbook, or wrapping papers, or combine them and see what happens! These are good for solid and sturdy butcher or craft papers as well as for delicate, crepey tissue papers.

Craft paper with acrylic paint works great for this technique! Tissue paper's not as good because the paint will bleed through the paper.

Wrap a present in plain paper—craft or butcher or whatever you have on hand.

Mix three to five shades of one color. Using a large, flat brush and simple strokes—beginning with the lightest color—paint directly onto the wrapped present.

Change your shades as you'd like, and fill it to the top side of the gift, using the darkest color last. If you work quickly, there will be some additional interesting mixing going on as you paint, too!

Crimson background

Crimson plus Titanium White and Mars Black made these shades. Also cool was the mixing that happened on the page as I layered the strokes in the wet paint.
Inspired by m'sweetheart.

Get out your watercolors! Cover your work surface if you need to. Pick a color, tint it with tiny bits of white and tiny bits of black until you have three to five shades you like of one color. Lightly dampen the paper with water, and tape it down to the work surface—or to other sheets in your journal—to prevent buckling.

Load up a clean brush, and spatter the color across the paper by tapping the brush. Clean your brush between colors. If you have a few spray bottles or small misting bottles around with lots of paper to work with, give that a go instead of using a brush.

Note: If you are using this technique with tissue paper, try not to get it too wet, or else it will tear.

Spattered blue watercolor.


This watercolor is a simple blue tinted and shaded out five times. I made a mess on my kitchen counter with the overspray.

This is a favorite for themes and motifs. Using black ink, several stamps, and one white sheet of paper, stamp many images multiple times in random ways all over the page. Super-graphic-y goodness, plus stress release if you stamp fast!

For a variation on the monocolor theme, color in just one of the motifs on the paper with colored pencil, perhaps near where you'd place a card or tag. Be careful if you're using tissue paper!

Halloween theme.

Black Ink. White Paper. Classic. This one is a work in progress—I think I need more shades of gray. Boo.


Dog theme.

"Goin to the dawgs." Love those pups! There are plenty o' themes to choose from. Doodling a background would be groovy, too!


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Jen_W writes: Thanks for the ideas. I love seeing your examples. The dog card is super-cute!
Posted: 10:32 pm on October 12th
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