Black patent leather vintage purse with a goth feel. Silver trim and adornments, red rhinestones.

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Black, vintage, patent leather, black purse has a bit of a goth feel. It's silver trim and adornments, red rhinestones, and, at the bottom, a sharp leaf, (or bat wing, it all depends on how you look at it). This bold princess warrior is named Caylen La Heart. She stands so tall and strong on her sharp, weapon like, foot. Her black patent leather and gray snakeskin exterior gives Caylen La Heart a very striking look. She is certainly not one you want to mess with. On the center, however, she wears her heart on a silver platter. Intricately and delicately engraved and 2 ruby red vintage rhinestones on each side. Caylen La Heart's trim and clasp are a combination of silver and black, only adding to her strength and beauty. She measures 9 inches wide by 7.50 inches high and 3.25 inches thick. Caylen La Heart is lined in black satin with a side pocket. Stunning strength and beauty go hand in hand with this work of art couture bag.

InStyle Magazine's president described Marelle's work as superior in quality, "She is an up and coming couture designer, ahead of her time with a collection of absolutely stunning, unique pieces."

Marelle has also done custom work for several celebrities.

Vintage is all the rage, why settle for imitation when Marelle can design you your very own couture genuine vintage keepsake. No two are ever the same. You deserve the very best and that is what Marelle brings to you. The absolute very best. Only One for the One and Only You.

Each Marelle bag is handcrafted and made to be one of a kind. Every one is given a name and is specially designed to make each occasion - weddings, birthdays, dinners - special and unforgettable. When you need one small thing to pull an outfit together, grab your Marelle bag and you're sure to stand out in a crowd. Each bag is made with the finest vintage jewelry, fabrics, and things you won't find anywhere else. Marelle's bag are Eco-friendly by recycling items that time forgot. A Marelle bag is a true piece of art; the purse is Marelle's blank canvas. Make each and everyday more special with your one of a kind Marelle bag.

Pattern or design used: My own design - Hopscotch Couture
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