How to Embroider Your Own Book Covers for Back-to-School

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JenniferStern Jennifer Stern, contributor
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These adorable book covers are fun to embroider and require just two quick trips through the serger to put together!
Trace around your book.
Add an allowance for the flap on each end.
These adorable book covers are fun to embroider and require just two quick trips through the serger to put together!

These adorable book covers are fun to embroider and require just two quick trips through the serger to put together!

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Smooth the fabric into the hoop so that it firmly sticks to the stabilizer. Pin it along the line butted up against the edge of the hoop. By stretching out 1 inch of fabric from the hoop, you are approximating the condition of the fabric when it's covering the book-your embroidery will look great, not stretched out!

  When you are smoothing the fabric, be careful not to pull it off grain.

Embroider your design. I picked a curlycue font to spell out "Math" and dotted the rest of the cover will little circular-shaped embroidery designs.

  Try not to pick a design that's too dense for the knit fabric to support.


  I embroidered a cover for Anna's math book.

After you finish embroidering, remove the fabric from the hoop and gently tear away the stabilizer. Now you are about two minutes away from an adorable book cover. Simply fold 3 inches of the ends up, right sides together with the cover. Pin in place and run the top and bottom edges through your serger (from folded edge to folded edge). Turn the flap to the inside of the cover and stretch it over your book.

  If you don't own a serger, use a three-step zigzag or other stretchy stitch on your regular sewing machine to sew the top and bottom edges of the flaps in place.
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Criativa writes: Hello,

Very nice work. ;)

Posted: 9:53 am on September 1st
RondaR53 writes: I like these! What kind of embroidery system are you using? Just curious about that. I would think one could do a patchwork design with embroidery on it to variate the cover design. The knit material would be good for recycling t-shirts, too. :) Oh, maybe use denim jeans for accents and to add a pocket trim, just a thought. :)
Posted: 7:53 pm on August 9th
Cyndiella writes: These are very cute. I have made many book covers out of those brown paper bags through the years. The knit fabric is such a good idea for making these. You could even use an old t-shirt. The embroidery is a fun idea also with lots of possibilities, because of course you have to decorate it. Thanks for sharing.
Posted: 9:06 am on September 29th
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