Project Runway 9: "Go Big or Go Home"

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Fallene is sent home with this black swan look.
Anthony Ryan gave the credit to Laura for this winning garment, giving her immunity for the next challenge.
Heidi judges this garment as too costumey, but in the end Viktor is saved. 
Fallene is sent home with this black swan look.

Fallene is sent home with this "black swan" look.

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This week, the designers are paired up to create a bigger-than-life design in only one day. The big twist is that the models will be walking the runway in stilts for this first outdoor runway show in Bryant Park. The bottom three looks were too costumey, while the top three were more ready-to-wear. 

The Teams:

Bryce/Fallene (out)


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Comments (5)

samsstuff writes: I really liked Becky/Kimberly's look best out of all of these. It could easily translate to a real person, as could several of the others. I am not a fan, at all of the winner. The challenge is odd, though. These aren't costumes for performers & you wouldn't see anyone on stilts unless they were performing.
Posted: 3:49 pm on August 13th
imacook writes: How silly is designing for stiltwalking without it being costumy and circus-y as outcome? Who sees stiltwalkers anyway unless they are viewing a circus or a parade? What is the reason for featuring such a challenge when the designs have so little relevance to persons wanting to see designs for real bodies? The designs with pet supplies in PR#9 was easier to imagine than designs with nuts and bolts from the hardware store in a former PR session. The directives were not the same for contestents about what was acceptable as fabric in the pet store. But why the bizarre in the series to begin with? Bert's attitude reflects that he is not suckered in by adolescent temperment as displayed by Viktor.

Posted: 7:44 pm on August 12th
Kukana writes: Crazy, crazy challenge. I loved the green jacket and pants and thought that one should have won, but the red one was OK too. Sorry for Falene, but if you don't know how to find the grain of a fabric, sorry, I don't think you belong on the show. I really dislike whiney, old Bert - I hope he goes soon, he is such a naysayer! and his designs/color choices are huge yawns. And I totally agree with the sheepskin top winner from last week - too simple, not attractive and totally unoriginal - what were they thinking????? I believe that controversy and drama are really what reality TV is all about, so we put up with it if we want to watch. And even tho I don't always agree with the judges, keep in mind that we don't see what they see......
Posted: 6:04 pm on August 12th
aislinnluv writes: There is some crazy BS going on with the judging. I guess that's not unusual, though. First crack out of the box, they ignored Viktor's stunning b/w creation made from the PJs and sheet. WTF? Bert's dress was interesting but given a choice, I would have taken Viktor's dress in a NY minute over Bert's. And Olivier's sheepskin thing - ugh. I think they've become delusional. I am waiting for Anya and Olivier to come up with something so horrific that the judges can't possibly like it (unless they're getting some cash under the judges' table to prefer someone). There have been some winners of PR that I vehemently disagreed with - Irina, Gretchen, Leanne, to name a few (trying to research past winners is proving tricky and my memory fails me). Maybe my head is not in the right design space. This stilt challenge resulted in some unattractive designs - out of proportion, color challenged, just plain yech. Could we have something a little closer to real people and real fashion, please?
Posted: 2:55 pm on August 12th
crzcrafter writes: I could not believe Cecilia & Danielle's work was in the top three. That outfit was UGLY. Credit for working with a difficult fabric aside, I couldn't be caught dead in those colors.
Posted: 1:19 pm on August 12th
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