Win Seasons 1 & 2 of Teach Yourself to Sew on DVD

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mgiroux Misa Giroux, senior editorial intern
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Teach Yourself to Sew is a video series for beginning sewers or anyone who wants to brush up on their skills. Last year we introduced Season 1, which covers everything you need to start sewing: how a stitch is made, sewing a basic seam, finishing edges, how to hem, how to sew a buttonhole, and more. With the second season, now available in our online store, you'll learn how to apply elastic, 3 ways to gather, and even how to make your own dress form!

Learn basic sewing techniques and gain the confidence you need to get started creating gorgeous garments with Seasons 1 & 2 of Teach Yourself to Sew. Leave a comment on this post before the deadline—11:59 pm, August 29th, 2011—and you could be the lucky winner who will be chosen at random and announced on August 30th.

Visit to see previews from Season 1, and check back often to see sneakpeeks from Season 2.

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Comments (197)

Itchin2Stich writes: So...who ended up winning this DVD set? Maybe I'm not looking in the right place, but I can't seem to find the winner.
Posted: 8:06 pm on October 7th
atine writes: a friend told me those dvd series are a must have for beginners and worth every penny invested on it. i really hope to own them one day .
Posted: 4:44 pm on September 8th
atine writes: am really interested in sewing . but is quite expensive going to school for it so am learning to sew myself .appreciate this opportunity .
Posted: 4:27 pm on September 8th
myomy1959 writes: Since when does advertisement qualify as comment. I want to learn to sew!

Posted: 8:07 pm on September 4th
KelleyG writes: I received a sewing machine (at my request) 8 or 9 Christmases ago. I had the grand idea that I would "teach" myself to sew...yea, THAT didn't happen. The sewing machine is back in its case and is living underneath the table in my craft room. So...I would really LOVE to win this set. I really would still like to learn to sew! 8)
Posted: 7:00 pm on August 30th
hollyelise writes: Everyone deserves this wonderful prize, but gee, I hope this time I am the lucky one! I would absolutely love to have the videos. I have a new sewing machine because i'm determined to learn soon, but it just sits there staring at me until i have some guidance. I never considered videos before learning about Teach Yourself to Sew. I want to design some "upcycling" fashions and projects (I've been sketching ideas for at least a year). I'm very committed in helping the earth and saving money, and in sharing the designs so others can do the same. First though, i need to get the sewing skills so i can actually make the designs in my head! :)
Posted: 9:34 am on August 30th
efocus writes: ooooo... this would be GREAT!!! i am currently teaching myself how to sew by sewing a know the learn as you go kinda thing :0 few it is exhausting and time consuming ...but...i love it :) wish i could do it 24/7. so along with requesting neglected patterns from grand aunts and flipping through magazines and using that good old common sense i would adore some informed and formal instruction/guidance. until then , the game plan;

"stay inspired"
Posted: 11:14 pm on August 29th
Rugrat writes: Threads has always been an invaluable source for everything sewing! To have all that knowledge and expertise at my finger tips would be heavenly! Thank you for the opportunity to win this great instructional set.
Posted: 7:49 pm on August 29th
Mizmash writes: Would be thrilled to have these DVDs, to enjoy the step by step instructions and learn more at my own pace.
Posted: 3:12 pm on August 29th
etherealpr writes: Yes, please! I am a newbie who would love to build his skills!
Posted: 2:25 pm on August 29th
deRebecca writes: I'm always looking for books and DVDs that can improve my sewing! I'd love to add this to my collection!
Posted: 2:10 pm on August 29th
bkristl writes: I'm about ready to win something. I've been waiting long enough, don't you think?

Posted: 2:04 pm on August 29th
JJBlc07 writes: YEA! I hope I win! My grandmother was a seamstress her entire life and I have learned all I know from her. Wish I could go back in time and learn it from her when she had the ability to show me more.
Posted: 12:45 pm on August 29th
linders writes: Would love to have these! Thanks!
Posted: 12:45 pm on August 29th
saschapup writes: I learned to sew garments as a kid, but have so much to learn again. These would be great to help me do that! I am getting back into sewing lately and absolutely love it!
Posted: 12:41 pm on August 29th
Idna writes: GREAT!!! I'd love to have them in my studio!!!
Posted: 11:19 am on August 29th
watgirl writes: great dvd series. well worth watching and owning.
Posted: 7:12 am on August 29th
dianajanssen writes: As a sewing teacher, I'm always looking for resources to help teach my students.
Posted: 2:33 am on August 29th
bbieri writes: I teach beginning sewing. This DVD set could be most beneficial to my students and myself.
Posted: 8:33 pm on August 28th
beckvt writes: I want to teach my husband how to sew - I think this will help both of us - I learned a long time ago and need to know new techniques.
Posted: 11:15 am on August 28th
emilysnoy writes: I need to relearn so much.This would be a great opportunity.
Posted: 9:18 am on August 28th
renelj writes: Thank you for the opportunity to win these DVDs. I am now teaching myself and have watched the bits of lessons on the web.
Posted: 8:15 am on August 28th
janedo writes: these would be great to relearn skills i've forgotten over the years and teach to my granddaughters.
Posted: 6:21 am on August 28th
tzipi writes: Ive watched several of these on line and found them very useful. Would live to win th ewhole set
Posted: 11:36 pm on August 27th
caparksrt writes: These DVDs would be so great to share with my daughter. I know they would be a tremendous help in developing her skills, and I would pick up some tips, as well!
Posted: 10:52 pm on August 27th
FernandaM writes: I would love to win these - I am completely self taught and I know I need to learn a lot more!! Thank you.
Posted: 9:18 pm on August 27th
Sillydilly writes: OH yeh!!! I sure would like to have the dvd's because I am teaching myself how to sew. The info on the disks would be most helpful in my projects. I think this is great though and thank you for the giveaway!!
Posted: 9:02 pm on August 27th
Schled writes: I love to sew but have no formal training ... would love to have these DVD volumes!
Posted: 8:56 pm on August 27th
SEWNYA writes: I need all the help I can get to brush up on my skills. It is amazing how much I have lost when life forced me to do other things with my time than sew. Now when I am getting back I find myself very rusty.
Posted: 8:14 pm on August 27th
doreenlinehan writes: Hi, I could definitely use some sewing guidance.
Posted: 6:16 pm on August 27th
DaisyM writes: Now this sounds fantastic to win. I need some structured sewing lessons. Most of my sewing has been learned on my own. This would be so fabulous. Love it.
Posted: 6:16 pm on August 27th
KMOM14 writes: I have only had a few classes in Jr. High and High School and would love to learn more>

As to JennieMB's about making your own dress form, there are numerous tutorials on the internet on how to make your own using a t-shirt and duct tape then cutting it off and stuffing it with batting then putting it on a stand of some sort. Here is a link to one at Cut Out + Keep.
Posted: 5:03 pm on August 27th
KMOM14 writes: Nice giveaway!
Posted: 4:56 pm on August 27th
Berstler writes: Oh please help me to sew with know how, instead of a 'wing and a prayer.' I am self taught but know there is So Much I am missing about 'how to and what not' to do when sewing. I had one session of sewing in high school way back in the 60's I must admit I was not very good at it then, but got better... I have made some dresses, and love to do crafts. I am now trying to teach myself quilting. So with some help like this set, Hey who knows? I could get to love this stuff called sewing... Thanks for the chance..
Posted: 4:03 pm on August 27th
leahl writes: I would love to win this! I teach sewing to any girl or boy who wants to learn. I find they learn faster watching a dvd, and then trying it. I also collect sewing machines, and fix them, so whenever I have someone who wants to learn to sew, but doesn't have a machine for practice, I have one to give them.

Thank you.
Posted: 3:59 pm on August 27th
SmallTownStitcher writes: I learned to sew as a girl and having taken off 10 yerars as a college student and young Mom, I'd love to have the videos to ensure I'm actually doing things right now! Thanks for the chance to win.
Posted: 3:28 pm on August 27th
catsdogsnkids writes: Always room for improvement!
Posted: 2:02 pm on August 27th
Karen_Lawson writes: I would love to have this for my daughters, it would be a wonderful go-to reference for when we are not together or don't have video call capability!

Thanks for the chance of winning such a great DVD set!
Posted: 1:35 pm on August 27th
nadileet writes: This is just what I need to continue teaching myself to sew. I use books and websites, but I really need to see the lessons in action. This set is already on my wishlist and winning it would be a wish come true.
Posted: 1:08 pm on August 27th
cre8girl writes: Because others see the joy sewing brings me, I am often asked to teach others. I now give or recommend the first season. Can't wait for two. I enjoy seeing new trends and tricks.
Posted: 12:53 pm on August 27th
nuttynutmeg writes: This is great! Would love to win this, I certainly could use some help!
Posted: 12:35 pm on August 27th
doors440 writes: I am just starting to sew, and this would be a great teaching aid for me!!! Being on a tight budget I am unable to take any classes. So far it has been live and learn experiences! :)
Posted: 12:05 pm on August 27th
CheriDowd writes: I bought the Season 1 of "Teach Yourself to Sew" for my niece. I'd love to have the Season 2 disc to give her. This time I will open the package and take a look before sending on to her! It's a great gift.......

Posted: 11:49 am on August 27th
2Cowgirl writes: Would love to win this to give it to my daughter who is learning to make those glamorous Salsa costumes for her dance troupe! Maybe she would share it with me so I can brush up on my own skills..!
Posted: 11:14 am on August 27th
lolamontez writes: Wow! This sounds like a great opportunity!
Posted: 10:54 am on August 27th
lolamontez writes: Wow! This sounds like a great opportunity!
Posted: 10:53 am on August 27th
ERGANIweaving writes: I would love to win these DVDs. Thank you for this opportunity !
Posted: 10:40 am on August 27th
kyrie writes: As a beginning this sounds like just the thing to learn and develop my sewing skills! Thanks for the opportunity!
Posted: 10:30 am on August 27th
Josews324 writes: Been sewing formore than 40 years.Need to learn new ways and refresh memory!!!!
Posted: 10:26 am on August 27th
apples20 writes: I NEED THIS! I'm thinking about apparel technology in college and this would be a great text book.
Posted: 10:26 am on August 27th
GrammyJan writes: I have returned to sewing after many years - wow, lots of new things to learn! I know would be a great help - thanks for all the good information and tips!
Posted: 10:10 am on August 27th
LinVegas writes: This DVD set would be an awesome way to improve my long dormant skills, and making a dress form sounds fun!
Posted: 10:08 am on August 27th
CraftyCynthia writes: I would love to win these DVDs for my daughter who loves to sew.
Posted: 8:26 am on August 27th
cecine writes: I learn to sew by myself for some time now and sometime I get so frustated at sewing simple dart so the Teach Yourself to Sew CD will be a big help for my sewing.
Posted: 8:12 am on August 27th
shirleyjean writes: I have not sewn since 1994 because of vision problems except for several fits and starts. My vision is fixed now and I am ready to roll - however, I find my skills are so rusty that I am afraid to get started! This set of sewing lessons would help get me off dead center. I be grateful to have them
Posted: 8:10 am on August 27th
earthagreen writes: My 13 year old daughter and I would bond over sewing sessions together using this series. We would love this series!
Posted: 7:51 am on August 27th
lillila writes: I would so love to win these DVD's. I used to sew 10+ years ago, but lost so much of my memory due to "chemo-brain" after undergoing breast cancer, mastectomy and chemotherapy. I have a brand new machine that has set in my closet, in the box for 8 years as I cannot remember how to sew. Hopefully this is something that would really help me achieve my wanting to relearn a skill. Fingers and toes crossed. Have a wonderful day.
Posted: 7:06 am on August 27th
karlinj68 writes: All of my life I have wanted to learn to design and make my own clothes (and maybe become good enough to start sewing for others!) I know I should have followed this dream earlier in life ( I am now 43) but it is never to late to change the path you are on. These DVDs would be a much needed start to my finally pursuing that dream.
Posted: 6:53 am on August 27th
DainaJ writes: These DVDs are such a great idea. I'm going to ask my daughter if she's interested in learning to sew, now that she older. Mom finally gets a chance to borrow something from her! :)
Posted: 6:49 am on August 27th
JenniferF writes: I could so use this as I am self taught and really need direction.
Posted: 6:20 am on August 27th
December27 writes: I haven't sewed in a long time--I could use a refresher course!
Posted: 1:45 am on August 27th
sodreamer writes: I learned to sew a little when I was a teenager, but didn't have anyone to show me the finer points or help me adjust commercial patterns which was so frustrating. Then I lived without access to a sewing machine for many years. I've just bought a new machine, so now I would love to reexplore the world of sewing and see if I can acquire the skills and techniques that eluded me so many years ago. This DVD set would be a great start!
Posted: 12:35 am on August 27th
CakesbyNight writes: I would love to win this DVD set for my 10 year old daughter that received her first Brother sewing machine for Christmas last year. I have tried to convince her to start with pillow, but she wants to tackle the good stuff. She has the ambition to create crafts to help the animals at the shelters by raising money, and creating animals to support her fantasy of the various web created games. This would benefit her learning ablity due to the visual aspect.
Posted: 10:35 pm on August 26th
spinfudgie writes: I'm teaching my daughter-n-law to sew and would love to give it to her to help her on her journey to love sewing as much as I do.
Posted: 10:32 pm on August 26th
PaullyS writes: Would love to win this as I have 4 granddaughters and one grandson who love
to sew. The 4th granddaughter is just new (3 weeks old but I know she'll be
sewing when she's old enough. Thanks

Posted: 10:24 pm on August 26th
Emilly54 writes: I taught myself to sew. Now my Granddaughter wants me to teach her. We could both use this, so I don't teach her any bad habits! (I also still have a lot to learn!)
Posted: 9:37 pm on August 26th
mosey14 writes: I love to sew and I need to help my daughter. It would be wonderful if we could use the cd's to teach her and I could be back up. Great CD's
Posted: 9:33 pm on August 26th
wendyfire writes: I would love to win the beginning sewing CDs! I received an old machine from my step-sister and don't recall what to do with it (forgot most of that stuff I'd learned in 7th grade!!). I'm dying to make some curtains and re-cover my own pillows (don't see why I should buy MORE pillows when the ones I have just need to be recovered!). And with some confidence I could tackle clothing after that! :)
Posted: 9:11 pm on August 26th
DreamyDahlia writes: This would be a fabulous way to learn sewing skills. I hope I win!
Posted: 9:05 pm on August 26th
bdens2002 writes: would love to have this thanks for the chance
Posted: 8:56 pm on August 26th
CleverPussRevolution writes: I live on a very limited budget and knowing just how to do a few things around the house has been incredibly helpful and inexpensive. Learning to sew clothing would be something that would change my style, my confidence and perhaps give me a new avenue to create something new for those that like what I wear!
Posted: 8:40 pm on August 26th
flowergirl101 writes: Threads is such a good resource for all my sewing questions. This set would be great to help teach my daughter.
Posted: 8:35 pm on August 26th
Chcolateandroses writes: Wow! What a wonderful opportunity. Thanks for the chance!
Posted: 8:35 pm on August 26th
NaomiRosie writes: my grandmother tried teaching me as a kid, now in my early 20's, i love to sew, but.. dont know much haha
Posted: 8:27 pm on August 26th
shortbarb writes: I had Home ec. in school 50 years ago. I know there must be better ways to sew now, I have 9 grandaughters who would love to learn to sew. We could have a girls weekend and all learn together. None of their mothers know how to sew and they might even want to join in to learn with us. You would be teaching 3 generations to sew and some day the Great grand children.
Thank you
Posted: 8:22 pm on August 26th
2newfies writes: self taught here too - the last thing I sewed was maternity clothes, 30 years ago, on a treadle. Greatly in need of help!
Posted: 8:22 pm on August 26th
camilleclark writes: How exciting! I've been trying to teach myself to sew for a couple of years now. I need hands-on instruction in order to succeed. I've got a dress form, but I've heard all about techniques using duct tape to make your own dress form based on your body. I'd be very interested to see what else I could learn to do with these DVDs.
Posted: 8:15 pm on August 26th
mamarama writes: There's always more to learn - I'd love these and share them as well!
Posted: 8:12 pm on August 26th
hotdotyuki writes: My grandchildren are really interested to learn how to sew. This will be a great learning tool. I would love to win the DVD's for them and for me.
Posted: 7:32 pm on August 26th
thread91362 writes: I have sewn for a long time, but never learned the tricks. My 11 year granddaughter has shown an interest in sewing and this Season 1 & 2 series is just what I need to brush up on my skills and get my granddaughter started the right way.

Thanks for the opportunity to win this sewing series created by Threads.

Posted: 7:24 pm on August 26th
wellsley writes: I have sewn for years but have learned a great deal from season 1. I would really enjoy winning the series.
Posted: 7:16 pm on August 26th
HappyWithLife writes: Would enjoy winning the DVDs to teach myself and my kids how to sew. Thanks for the competition.
Posted: 7:11 pm on August 26th
Pearlndigger writes: I would love to win these DVDs. Thank you for the opportunity for a chance to win.
Posted: 7:06 pm on August 26th
learningtosewagain writes: Love the magazine for its hints and basics. Just what I need to refresh my brain after no having sewn for almost 20 years. Work does get in the way sometimes, but not so much now.
Posted: 7:00 pm on August 26th
jtz writes: I would love this... learning to sew is one of my big Mother is excellent but lives too far away. This would certainly get good use in my hands.
Posted: 6:52 pm on August 26th
Nettie14 writes: I would love it and to learn the correct way to sew.
Posted: 6:50 pm on August 26th
kershawgirl writes: If I had this resource to use, I could start a sewing workshop for young girls in my semi-rural area. I think that I could get some of the younger crowd, say middle schooler aged, and maybe even their mothers!! Doesn't that sound fun?? Ever since I moved to this wonderful, little town, I've missed my big city sewing club.
Posted: 6:46 pm on August 26th
BarbaraTW writes: This will be a great aid for me when I teach beginning sewists! I'm sure there will be lots of things for me to learn too.
Posted: 6:31 pm on August 26th
rxxanne writes: Wonder what I don't know. Fun to find out.
Posted: 6:27 pm on August 26th
hapittman writes: I would love to learn how to do it the right way! My mother and grandmother are both excellent seamstresses, but somehow I never learned. All I can sew right now are pillowcases and curtains!
Posted: 6:24 pm on August 26th
JennNunez writes: Oh I would love to win this prize, very handy now that I've just decided to learn to sew! Peace!
Posted: 6:20 pm on August 26th
Ambs writes: I got a really great beginner's sewing machine from my mother for Christmas and I haven't even taken it out of the box. These DVDs are exactly what I need to get started!
Posted: 6:20 pm on August 26th
KarenLongo writes: can you enter more than once? i wanna win! i NEED these!! :-)
Posted: 6:15 pm on August 26th
aliutt writes: It will be a bless if I get this great price, is the oportunity to learn more about sewing and make clothes... thanks
Posted: 6:09 pm on August 26th
omnicrafter writes: I would like to win the dvds to give to my non-sewing friend who really wants to learn to sew. when she told me, I immediately thought of this video series on craft stylish!
Posted: 6:03 pm on August 26th
snowm writes: This could be very useful!!

Posted: 5:59 pm on August 26th
trixolry writes: I am learning to sew with my daughter. We love doing projects together.
Posted: 5:57 pm on August 26th
grandmotherof05 writes: I have always wanted to know how to sew more than a seam or two. I have 3 granddaughters that want all the newest fashions and it would be great to be able to provide it for them. I would love this!
Posted: 5:51 pm on August 26th
prpldy writes: I already sew, but since I am self taught, I am sure there are many wonderful things I could learn from this DVD set. Thanks for the chance to win them.
Posted: 5:39 pm on August 26th
BettySewsAlot writes: No matter how much you think you know about sewing, their is always more to learn. What a dream to have all the basics right at your finger tips! I hope I win ;-)
Posted: 5:33 pm on August 26th
MARSMOM4 writes: I would love to win this for myself and my daughters. We have been using my mother's old sewing machine for a table. I would be nice to be able to use it for its intended purpose. Thanks for the opportunity!
Posted: 5:29 pm on August 26th
LarkLane writes: I need to keep my skills sharp to help others learn how to sew and this set would be a wonderful assist.
Posted: 5:24 pm on August 26th
woodbinefr writes: I would love to win this.
Posted: 5:17 pm on August 26th
dgoboff writes: I'd like to enter to win the DVDs.
Posted: 5:05 pm on August 26th
jakcronin writes: I am mostly a self taught sewer;one semester in Junior High. So I know there are things I don't know and my daughters are starting to know how ro do simple projects. This set would teach us all how to sew with out some of the frustration; when you need something quickly.
Posted: 4:48 pm on August 26th
SeauxGeaux writes: I have used the Teach Yourself To Sew book in many of my classes. My students were disappointed when they could no longer purchase the actual book. So I had to stop using it. Now, they have the video! Back on the list now!! Will there be a Teach Yourself to Sew #2 book coming out?
Posted: 4:38 pm on August 26th
hpsflick writes: I am trying to teach my husband to sew and this would be the perfect "I'm not going to kill you while I'm teaching" tool.
Posted: 4:37 pm on August 26th
jnmegan writes: I have been trying to learn on my own so I can sew for my 4 kids-very demanding clients with extravagant tastes! I can't afford (time OR money)to make too many mistakes-so I would love this set!
Posted: 4:36 pm on August 26th
MessyVirgo writes: Would love to win this set! I started sewing when I was six and sewed regularly until my early thirties. I took a couple of decades off — and my, have there been a lot of new fabrics, threads, machines, etc., etc. This set could "fill in the holes" as crzcrafter noted above.
Posted: 4:36 pm on August 26th
horseshowdiva writes: I have always wanted to learn to sew clothing, but never had the time. Now that things have slowed down a bit in my life I have time to do the things that are on my "bucket list"...winning this set would be wonderful. I think it is delightful that you have these giveaways, that is one of the reasons I am such a fan of Taunton Press.
Posted: 4:35 pm on August 26th
kspink38 writes: I would love to win this set. I have wanted to learn to sew all my life. Being able to make my own clothes would be a lot better than trying to find something at a store to fit me properly.
Posted: 4:31 pm on August 26th
DNiche writes: This would be a great set to have. Would love to watch it and use some of the information I learn for my students. I feel learning something new each day is important. Then pass that information on.
Posted: 4:28 pm on August 26th
sew4my3 writes: I am a self taught sewer and would love to have some basic know how. So many projects I would love to try but will often back off because it could be beyond my knowledge. Oh how these DVD's would help!
Posted: 4:22 pm on August 26th
designsbyjanetp writes: How excititng!. I would love to have that set to share with my daughter and granddaughters who are now learning to sew. Thanks for the giveaway.
Posted: 4:18 pm on August 26th
YProfet writes: I have finally reach the point that I can officially retire and enjoy doing the things I love best. Sewing has always been something I enjoy but never had the time to really learn the correct way to do things. Now with the time and these dvd's that can finally happen after 47 years of working its time for some fun
Posted: 4:16 pm on August 26th
Smigg writes: would love to have this as a teaching tool!
Posted: 4:14 pm on August 26th
Frizbee93 writes: I need to make friends with my sewing machine! I hope I win this so I can start using it.
Posted: 4:09 pm on August 26th
CarrieMae writes: Would love to win this!
Posted: 4:08 pm on August 26th
slmendes writes: I've been sewing since I was a teen, but learning a new tip, skill or a technique is always a good thing. My sewing skills and results have improved immensely in the recent past, partially due to self help DVDs such as this one. I have seen some clips from this Teach Yourself to Sew series and it is excellent! I would love to add this set to my sewing library as a great reference.
Posted: 4:06 pm on August 26th
Rev_Colleen writes: I have wanted to know how to sew my entire life, and now at 36 yrs old I am trying to teach myself. I find that it is tough, being a visual learner trying to learn from books. Action is what I need! I am a new Mom and I want to be able to teach my daughter to sew one day. These DVD's sure would help, both of us, now and in the future.
Posted: 4:05 pm on August 26th
Tam631 writes: This would certainly make the learning curve more navigable... ;)
Posted: 4:04 pm on August 26th
chanemza writes: I would really love this set. I'm only a novice, and this could help me gain the skills i can't afford to learn from a class or private instructor. It would also be wonderful for my daughter, who is just getting into sewing and loves it!
Posted: 4:02 pm on August 26th
goldenstar writes: I would be so delighted to learn more from the DVDs!

Posted: 3:58 pm on August 26th
LauraMajor writes: Ooooh! I would SO love to win this! I can sew a straight line, but never learned the "basics." Thanks for the giveaway!
Posted: 3:58 pm on August 26th
Marcia_in_Wabash writes: Wow! I love to teach, and this would help me a ton, even though I've been sewing for about 50 years!!!! My granddaughters are waiting for me to begin teaching them.
Posted: 3:55 pm on August 26th
zzz123 writes: I want to start sewing my own clothes again, so I could certainly benefit from these!
Posted: 3:54 pm on August 26th
CJGilpin writes: I so want my nearly teen age grand daughter to be able to sew. She has been "designing" apparel for several years and how wonderful it would be if she could bring these creations to "life". I purchased a sewing machine for her just a few months ago and will be tutoring her when her school schedule permits. However, there are times when she gets the "sewing bug" and I am not around.
These would be such a wonderful way to encourage her artistry.
Posted: 3:53 pm on August 26th
bozocat writes: It would be so awesome to win this fantastic prize!
Posted: 3:50 pm on August 26th
mammajava writes: Would love to win this. Have been slowly trying to teach my 2 young daughters to sew.. I think this would really help!
Posted: 3:48 pm on August 26th
dailycrafter writes: I have not sewed any clothing since my daughter was little, (she's 36 now) and would really like to make myself something pretty and stylish. This would be great to win as the clothes on the rack just do not fit. I buy alot of jama pants and tees.This set will really help. Thank You for a great site.
Posted: 3:42 pm on August 26th
stuever writes: yummy!
Posted: 3:40 pm on August 26th
PoisedAttitude writes: Would love to have these DVDs, has been a long since I first learned to sew. Need a brush up.
Posted: 3:39 pm on August 26th
mtrose59047 writes: Man I would love to have that set.
Posted: 1:19 pm on August 26th
CelticaDea writes: This has been on my wishlist for months. I'm partially self taught and partially taught by my mom. To say the least, my skill-set is haphazard :) I've been looking forward to a start to finish sort of education. Thanks for the opportunity!
Posted: 10:53 am on August 26th
GardenFirst writes: Self-taught and a 20 year lapse since my last attempt at garment sewing. I'm launching a retirement life that reaches beyond hemming pants.
Posted: 9:38 am on August 26th
Nicolemiko writes: I could certainly use these. I have so much to learn and these would help me immensely.
Posted: 10:48 pm on August 25th
sewdatmamma writes: I started to sew when I was in fourth grade and got my first sewing machine. My parents paid for me to take the beginner class at joanns. Ever since the class I was learning more about commercial pattrns and sewing books.
Posted: 7:47 pm on August 25th
cruzsmia writes: My mother could make beautiful cloths from nothing. She passed away with cancer before she could teach me. Would love to be able to sew half as good as she could.
Posted: 2:46 pm on August 25th
Liz456 writes: I sewed many years ago, but I want to start again. There seem to be many new fabrics and notions, and I need a refresher. The DVDs would be perfect for getting me back up to speed.
Posted: 1:53 pm on August 25th
rivnall writes: I'd love to get my sewing machine out and start sewing again. I used to sew crafty things years ago, but sewing some clothes would be great.
Posted: 10:42 am on August 25th
sewtired writes: I started to sew about 25 years ago when my children were small. I just went out, bought a sewing machine and checked out books from the library, and taught myself to sew. I must admit that I did pretty good with children's clothes, my kids were the hit at elementary school. However, I have never been any good at sewing for myself. I can't seem to get the right size and forget altering the pattern. I would LOVE to learn how to sew for myself and the DVD program seems the right media to start with since I live in the country and going for classes at fabric stores would involve over an hour commute. Please Please Please let it be me!
Posted: 9:08 am on August 25th
AnnieInLa writes: Learning to sew has always been on my "bucket list" so I figure there's no time like now to start. I've been reading a lot about "how to" for years and think it's time to move onto creating muscle memory. Should be interesting to watch my learning curve, I'm thinking about blogging the journey, mainly to show others that knowing how to sew is a process of learning one skill at a time and gorgeous clothes are the accumulation of those skills. I must confess, to be completely honest, I do have some skills. I can sew a good looking button, thanks to the practice I've gotten sewing suspender buttons onto my husbands pants. I can think in 2D to 3D, mainly because I studied pattern making books (yea, I know, reading a book is VERY different from doing, but it helps to do some homework!;-) This is going to be an adventure of a lifetime, just wished I'd started 20-30 yrs ago. Oh well....
Posted: 7:35 am on August 25th
unwrittenmelody writes: I am virtually self taught, I did an advanced sewing class in High School for concurrent enrollment and I LOVED it, however I have been sewing since I was young, my mom started me with easy things and I've since moved on to harder projects, I am so excited, I just got a serger which always helps with sewing!!!! :D I think these DVD's would be beneficial.
Posted: 11:55 am on August 24th
SUZAG57 writes: This would be a great refresher (self taught) and a wonderful aid to teach my daughter-in-law how to sew. I am giving her my old machine.
Posted: 9:38 am on August 24th
smonakey writes: I used to sew back in college (20+) years ago & am slowly getting back into it. I feel like I'm learning many of the basics all over ago. I've been eyeing the DVD set for a while now, but I'd much rather win it!
Posted: 8:15 am on August 24th
sewold writes: My teachers have been "Trial and Error" and I could use some better help. I've been sewing for years but could always improve my skills. Pick me! Pick me! I promise to share the lessons with my daughter (who has already outdone me in sewing skills).
Posted: 7:53 am on August 24th
SewMyGosh writes: I'd love to see and learn what I've been missing out on!
Posted: 6:43 am on August 24th
ranitg writes: I learned how to sew in middle school, since then I have continued to sew on my own. Every time i sew a dress I get lots of really nice complements.
Posted: 5:21 am on August 24th
Keren_D writes: I wish I could win something for once! I have learned so much from "Teach Yourself to Sew" when it was available on the site. I am always looking to refine my technique. Here's hoping I get chosen!
Posted: 2:03 am on August 24th
SEWNYA writes: My mother was an accomplished seamstress, but back in the days when we ironed everything we wore, she did not like to iron. So she would tell me that she would do the sewing if I would do the ironing. Well, I watched her sew and absorbed a love for well made, "custom made" clothes. I loved to hear the sound of her scissors cutting against the table (no cutting board). After I was married I was on my own to learn to sew by whatever means I could - a lot of trial and errors. The years have gone by and she is gone, but I still love to sew. However, in recent years I have had very little time to sew and have lost some of my self confidence. I would love some reenforcement with the videos.
Posted: 1:00 am on August 24th
sammam3 writes: I'd love to win for my aspiring designer. I've spent some time teaching her how to sew, but something about learning from Mom makes it a bit challenging. It would be so much easier to believe if she heard it from and expert.
Posted: 10:41 pm on August 23rd
pinoycraft writes: I'm all about sewing by hand and/or without electricity, but would love to expand my horizons!
Posted: 9:44 pm on August 23rd
greenmom writes: I'm pretty much self-taught through online tutorials and blogs. I'd love to win!
Posted: 9:41 pm on August 23rd
textilecrazy writes: Would love to own this DVD set to share with a young wannabe sewer I know!
Posted: 9:36 pm on August 23rd
tchamp writes: It has been over 20 years since I last sewed (I was in high school). I would love to learn the proper technics for sewing. Winning these CD's would give me the opportunity to continue to work on my sewing interest.

Posted: 9:09 pm on August 23rd
stitchn1 writes: I've been sewing for over forty years! I want to start a sewing class at my church and thought these DVD's would help, because I can't decide where to start. I would like to offer this to all ages. I have a member lined up to help with Spanish speaking people that live close by. Any suggestions from other members would be helpful.
Posted: 8:02 pm on August 23rd
rrjane011749 writes: I would "sew" love to win this, my sewing skills could really use some help.
Posted: 7:17 pm on August 23rd
SewcietyMaven writes: I have three beautiful daughters who are all at different stages of learning. We would sew be able to enjoy these together!
Posted: 6:55 pm on August 23rd
MadeByMarnie writes: Oh yes! I would LOVE to win this. So many years have passed since I first learned how to sew. So many techniques to learn again. I need help!
Posted: 6:43 pm on August 23rd
danceswthflowers writes: I taught myself to quilt. Now, because I need work clothes, I'm teaching myself to sew basic clothing. (I'm 58 and you CAN teach an old cat new tricks.) I don't want to sew just a pencil skirt -- I would love to sew a pencil skirt with kick pleats! It would be wonderful to spend more time sewing and less time researching how to (put in blind zipper... buttonholes... blind hems.. KICK PLEATS etc.) Oh, and to learn how to fit my oversized bust on my petite figure into a simple shift dress that actually fits -- heaven I say -- just heaven. I really need this so Please pick me!!! Please, please, please. I NEVER win anything and this would be an awesome resource to WIN!! I'll do you proud I promise! Thank you so much for this generous opportunity! P.S. PICK ME!!! PLease :-)
Posted: 5:56 pm on August 23rd
KarenLongo writes: Mistakes are frustating!!--like sewing buttons holes in the wrong place! I'd love to win these DVDs.
Posted: 5:53 pm on August 23rd
teresalynn writes: Good site. Good information. Great give away.
Posted: 5:44 pm on August 23rd
minniemeanie writes: me too! I would love to win this! I started sewing at age 13, self taught, so I didn't have to wear my sisters hand me downs!
Posted: 5:40 pm on August 23rd
Mernick4 writes: I haven't sewn much for 20+ years. Years ago I was pretty good at clothing and went into machine quilting. Recently I have found dozens of young women ages 20-40 in our church that do not know how to sew at all and I've been showing them some things, trying to make it fun. However, I'm unsure of my own skills and would like to continue to teach them. At this point, I've been doing the project and then teaching them. What surprised me was they didn't know how to thread a machine much less sew a straight seam... so we're backing up and starting slower. I have read a couple of your magainzes and have really been inspired. I have used some creative ideas as bait to get them to want to embelish their own clothing while learning to sew. Fun! Fun!
Posted: 5:05 pm on August 23rd
RoniBarr writes: You've got a great site! I've learned to do a zipper here and now I'm trying to figure out how to get my button holes right...
I've started sewing a few months ago and have been having a blast! But there's still SO MUCH to learn. :)
Hoping I win this! :D
Posted: 1:33 am on August 23rd
shancymarie writes: I have been sewing basic home items for that i have had my daughter i really would like to learn to sew clothes. Your site is great...will be watching for the winner on Aug 30th!
Posted: 7:04 pm on August 22nd
27234144 writes: We all need help and I could sure use a lot of it. I look forward to all the information I can get my hands on. Many thanks to Threads for their contributions to help me grow and and be a better seamstress.
Posted: 12:06 am on August 22nd
tequello writes: How cool! I'd love to watch these videos seeing as I never really learned how to sew properly. The exciting thing is that my sister just bought herself a sewing machine too and sharing the experience with her is so amazing. I'd love to share these with her too. :)
Posted: 6:43 pm on August 20th
RachelHershberg writes: Looking to grow on the sewing learning curves, especially to make myself and family custom clothes that make people feel terrific to wear. Good luck everyone!
Posted: 1:56 pm on August 20th
threadybetty writes: I love to draw and I have found myself taking a liking to sketching clothing designs. Being able to turn those designs into actual garments would be pretty cool.
Posted: 3:23 am on August 20th
primerstar6 writes: would love to win this, i actually really need it..
Posted: 8:45 pm on August 19th
lesrenardes writes: oooh yes please! just found out i'm pregnant and am desperately wanting to make some of my own clothes over the coming months
Posted: 11:18 am on August 19th
mizskip62 writes: I'd love this. I'm too shy for classes, and this would be VERY helpful. I've had a sewing machine for years, but I am only able to do (less than) the very basics. My grandmother always wanted me to learn to sew - probably because my mother couldn't be bothered. Help! :-)
Posted: 1:13 am on August 19th
theycallmemama1 writes: I took two Sewing classes last fall, but with three young children and a husband's crazy schedule, it sure is hard to fit some more in. Would love to have a resource to follow anytime.
Posted: 9:47 pm on August 18th
redtikisf writes: Taught myself to sew a while back as a way to feel close to my mom after she passed away... but I picked up a few bad habits along the way without her guidance! I sure wish I'd been paying more attention to the actual sewing instead of being hypnmotized by her fabric stash! I've been looking for a resource to help me sew smarter and faster. Books and magazines are good, but there is something about having it all at my fingertips in DVD formart
Posted: 6:28 pm on August 18th
TuxedoMom writes: When I was a young, stay-at-home Mom, I sewed all of the time, even making my husband's custom made and tailored suits. Once I joined the workforce and was busy with kids activities and going to college at night, I forgot all but the basic sewing skills. I would love the video collection to get me back to the level I sewed at 30 years ago. In the passing years, I've lost all of my custom patterns and notebooks of notes so I really need some help.
Posted: 12:35 pm on August 18th
Keen2011 writes: I've seen portions of this video series on I think it could be very useful.
Posted: 11:29 am on August 18th
KFeatherable writes: I have recently started to sew and after only having Home Economics class to teach me to sew, I have always been a beginner at sewing!
I would love to win this video set so that I may become more than just a beginner and actually have the skill to create something on my own.
Posted: 3:29 am on August 18th
libraryladywh writes: Just found your magazine at Sans Club yesterday reminding me I used to love sewing. Being self taught I would love to learn the correct way to do many techniques, not just the easiest. It really shows on Project Runway (my favorite show) which designers went to school or learned the correct basic techniques!

Posted: 11:16 pm on August 17th
Lorigrrl writes: Truly, I do want to know how to make a dress form! I would love to gain the confidence to make a real garment, and not just a pillow or a table runner or rod-pocket curtains!
Posted: 10:20 pm on August 17th
ppbks writes: As a sewer I always want to learn more and refine my skills.
Posted: 4:42 pm on August 17th
ppbks writes: As a sewer I always want to learn more and refine my skills.
Posted: 4:42 pm on August 17th
anatneve writes: What a great present! I'd love to win it: it would really help me start sewing as much as I wish to.
Posted: 2:30 pm on August 17th
taysha1128 writes: I'd love to win this!! There is still so many things I don't know.
Posted: 1:11 pm on August 17th
mintpaint writes: I would love to win the dvd set. I have been sewing easy garments but this would push me into making things all the time with some confidence.
Posted: 11:50 am on August 17th
sistahm writes: I would really enjoy this DVD set. Although I was taught to see in the fourth grade, I am mostly self taught. These would fill in those gaps that I have in my sewing knowledge.
Posted: 9:24 am on August 17th
Elsie419 writes: I've been sewing for 30+ years and ALWAYS learn something new from the Threads resources. This would be an excellent resource to add to my sewing library.
Posted: 9:17 am on August 17th
vhdesigns writes: I have a fantastic machine, now I need the skills to match. :D
Posted: 9:06 am on August 17th
Out_West writes: I would love to win this set! I could then show them to my little 4-H sewing group!
Posted: 7:34 am on August 17th
hollyfer writes: I would love to move on from craft sewing to clothes sewing.
Posted: 6:58 am on August 17th
ShiningStar writes: I need this. I really want to learn how to sew.
Posted: 10:41 pm on August 16th
lela497 writes: I am a beginner at sewing and keep getting frustrated on why my seam doesn't look like that or how do you do this. It is hard trying to learn on your own. These DVD's would be precious to me. I have this yearning to sew things and I sure could use help. Thanks for this chance to win!
Posted: 7:32 pm on August 16th
CJCarawan writes: I would absolutely love to win!! I started back sewing last year. I am always looking for ways to fine tune my skills and acquire new ones. This would be awesome for me!!
Posted: 7:10 pm on August 16th
bekabug8 writes: I would love to win this for me and my mom. It would be great to watch together.
Posted: 6:30 pm on August 16th
HeartSongStudio writes: Judith Neukam--- She's adorable!!!!! I would LOVE to learn from her. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win. Many blessings
Posted: 5:42 pm on August 16th
crzcrafter writes: I'm self taught with huge holes in my skill set. I'd love to own this!
Posted: 4:45 pm on August 16th
jennieMB writes: You got me at "make your own dress form". I`ve been shopping around for one and now I wanna see what I could make myself, I wonder what they`re made of and what they look like?
Posted: 2:44 pm on August 16th
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