Project Runway 9: "Off the Track"

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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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Danielle is sent home in a surprise turn.
Viktors look will be produced for Heidis New Balance line.
Anyas maxi dress is picked because of Josh M.s win.
Danielle is sent home in a surprise turn.

Danielle is sent home in a surprise turn.

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This week, Heidi challenged the remaining twelve contestants to help design garments for her knitwear line with New Balance. The designers were competing for immunity, and the winning garment will be manufactured as part of Heidi's line. This was a team challenge, which, as always, was full of drama.

The challenge kicked off with the designers literally racing around a track for the privilege of being named a team leader. Before the race even began, Cecilia decided that she would rather not be in the competition at all, dropping out. Also dropping, but for a different reason, was Olivier who fell during the race, and then passed out when the paramedics arrived. After the teams were chosen (with Bert getting picked last), the teams were put to work with only a few hours for the competition. With the teams left uneven with Cecilia's departure, Anthony Ryan was given the option to bring back any of the eliminated designers. With this twist, Josh C. was back in the game. There was also plenty of drama to be had with Becky and Bert not getting along with their respective teams. 

In the end, two designers (Josh M. and Viktor) shared the win, and Danielle was out. Heidi thought Anthony Ryan's mess should have qualified him for elimination, but the other judges thought his body of work made him worth keeping around. Do you agree with the elimination, or were you siding with Heidi?

Josh M:
 Team Leader (Winner)



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Comments (12)

EdeeJoyce writes: 1) I want fashion, design, beauty
2) I DO NOT want bickering, fighting, drama b.s., and deliberately setting up these contestants to fight and get ugly. No. No. NO!

Please, have taste.

Posted: 7:05 pm on September 11th
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Posted: 10:25 pm on September 3rd
virginiasdaughter writes: i have to agree with everyone here. i feel that anthony ryan should have gone and danielle should have stayed. i think most of the contestants are petty and selfish. i don't feel that anything they have been given to do so far will showcase any kind of creativity or design ability. it's all been very foolish up to now. i wasn't impressed by any of the results in this week's show. none of them were good. i was sorry for becky - josh is an idiot! and i am sick of hearing "it's pedestrian" from michael kors whose designs are being sold in marshall's! i love marshall's, but what's more pedestrian than that? he's a joke, and the rest of the judges (including heidi) are mean spirited and nasty. even the guest judges can be that way! if that's what it takes to be in fashion designing, give me my vogue, mccall's, etc patterns every time!
Posted: 2:39 pm on August 29th
kcastillo0319 writes: I'm kind of tired of PR. Getting to be less about clothes and more about Romper Room theatricals. The challenges are no longer about good design but rather about idiotic strategems. This year's contestants are slightly better than last year's, or maybe a better job of film editing. Dog leashes, stilts, and a foot race. Oh yes, that's a lot to do with fashion.
Posted: 2:17 pm on August 29th
samsstuff writes: I agree with Heidi on this one, but I have to say many of these garments are unflattering, even on the models & some could be straight out of virtually any department store you can name. I do like Victor's design, with the mix of feminine & tough. There are a few designs here that are deceptively simple & even elegant, many though, are unflattering & rehashes of designs that can be seen anywhere. Judging by these designs, I have to agree that Anthony should have been out.
Posted: 12:09 pm on August 28th
Amyxandra writes: Everyone seems to be in agreement. I am interested in fashion desigh and garment construction. This show seems to be all about watching people behave badly. The clothes were generally atrocious. The contestants behavior was inexcusable; is this conduct the norm for the fashion business? ( I have no idea) It's just so tiresome to be forced to watch squabbles and tears and rudeness, when all I care about are the garments.
And, the silliness of winning a foot race to lead a fashion desing team is beyond understanding. I now look back fondly on earlier seasons where even unlikable contestants (Emilio whathisname) were producing breathtaking garments.
I'm ready to give up on the show.
Posted: 9:10 am on August 28th
HollyNoel writes: Project Runway seems to be slipping. None of the designers are producing attractive or creative designs. The challenges are getting sillier and sillier. And, forcing the designers to work in teams more than once is apparently good for lots of drama, but the childishness is not fun to watch. I'd rather see each of them do their own creative projects - it would be a better and fairer way to decide who goes home.
Posted: 10:42 am on August 27th
imacook writes: The bickering was inexcusable. The team leaders were so stuck on themselves that they dismissed the inputs of their selected team members. Bert was selected last, but that indicates that his level of skill and experience give him a singular status that others cannot match or coordinate with. The winners are not memorable nor attractive except for the two jackets. Anja's dress is a repeat of all the other things she's put out--same siloutte, same ugly zippers. Not only are exposed zippers inconsistent with having a finished garment; the exposed zipper teeth snag and drag on other surfaces. Ugh.
Posted: 8:52 am on August 27th
wenoel writes: True, Bert is not easy to get along with since he dismisses people out of hand. But the leaders were the entire problem this week. Blaming Becky is ridiculous! She was put down, ignored and treated like a factory slave. She didn't even have time to design and sew anything better. Outrageous behavior from nearly everyone but especially the team leaders.

There's no one funny or fun this year and really no one to root for at all. Anya is getting by by the skin of her teeth. She has a good eye but that's not enough to make her the next top designer. I see no consistent stand out's at least not yet!
Posted: 7:51 pm on August 26th
aislinnluv writes: I don't understand why the team leaders felt they had to control everything so much. Lead, but don't get in the way. Cripes. I think several of the dramas that went on would have been avoided if the team leaders hadn't been on such power trips. There were only a couple of things I thought were even wearable - and man, I am SO over the exposed zipper BS. Zippers were interesting when Jeffrey did them in season 4 of PR. aren't they a bit passé by now?
Posted: 6:07 pm on August 26th
Kukana writes: I agree - worst ever! Like Heidi says, one day you are in - the next you are out! Way too much drama for me. The personalities this year are just not endearing to me and I don't think the designers are all that great, although the challenges so far haven't been that great either. I really liked Bert's outfit, (but I really don't like him)and Becky was given a really raw deal, and really - who would ever wear what Anthony Ryan put out there? This was a tough one. And when are they going to hold Anya to the same standard that they do the others? Did her dress look exactly like one she did a few weeks ago????
Posted: 6:03 pm on August 26th
sALTYGAL writes: That was the worst showing of garments I've ever seen on a project runway. I agree with Heidi , after all it was her challenge, Anthony Ryan's garment was ugly and ill fitted, and blaming Bert was childish.
Posted: 5:49 pm on August 26th
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