Project Runway 9: "This is For the Birds"

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Bert reaches the end of the road and is sent home. 
Anya continues to wow the judges even with her limited sewing experience. 
Kimberly pulls a replacement garment together in the final hours of the competition.
Bert reaches the end of the road and is sent home. 

Bert reaches the end of the road and is sent home. 

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This week, a new L'Oreal makeup line "Colors Take Flight" served as the foundation for a head-to-head challenge, pitting designers against their "teammates." One designer from each pair will be in the top 3 with the other partner in the bottom. Each pair is assigned a different bird (everything from ravens to parrots) and the garments really varied in color and feel this week.

Disaster unfolded when Kimberly's garment went up in flames...literally. A last minute accident with a glue gun caused her to start over with only three hours to spare. Amazingly, the judges not only liked her replacement garment, but also gave it a round of applause, and placed her in the top 3 for this week.

In the end, Bert is finally sent home, and Anya comes away with the win. Was this challenge "for the birds" or did the designers really take flight with their inspiration?

Anya: (winner)

Bert: (out)


Laura: (bottom)

Viktor: (bottom)

Josh: (top)

Kimberly: (top)

Season 9 Designers: (*eliminated)
Amanda Perna

Anthony Ryan Auld
Anya Ayoung-Chee 
Becky Ross
Bert Keeter
Bryce Black*
Cecilia Motwani
Danielle Everine
David Chum
Fallene Wells
Gunnar Deatherage
Joshua Christensen
Joshua McKinley 
Julie Tierney
Kimberly Goldson 
Laura Kathleen
Olivier Green*
Rafael Cox
Serena da Conceicao
Viktor Luna

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