Project Runway 9: "Finale - Part 2"

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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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Anyas final look was created with only hours remaining in the competition. 
The judges loved that Josh took chances with this collection. 
Kim had some great pieces, but overall the judges didnt love her collection. 
Anyas final look was created with only hours remaining in the competition. 

Anya's final look was created with only hours remaining in the competition. 

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This dramatic season finally came to an end when the judges picked Anya Ayoung Chee as the winner of Season 9. With a lot of help throughout the season, Anya managed to pull together designs that impressed the judges, even without any sewing experience. The judges loved her sense of style, but would she have gotten so far without the help of other designers?

Anya's Caribbean collection was finished in the final hours of the competition, with new garments being added after a surprise-shopping trip to Mood for some black-and-white fabric. This last-minute scramble managed to pay off for her in the end. They loved her flair and were impressed that she managed to pull things together at the last minute.

The judges liked the other collections, but they also had their reservations. Viktor's garments seemed to be split into two completely different collections. He had five looks that were modern and used prints in an exciting way, while the other garments focused around sheer black fabrics. The judges thought this was a missed opportunity to pair the chiffon with the print to create a cohesive collection. Kim also had many good pieces, but did not impress with the complete collection. The judges liked Josh's looks, and thought he took chances, but in the end they wanted to see what Anya could do given the time and opportunity.  

What do you think about the judges' decision? Is this result as bad as the "Gretchengate" season finale of last year? 



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Comments (7)

eilxtay writes: I am so glad Anya won because I thought overall she had the best designs. I was just amazed at how well she did for only sewing for 4 months ( I appreciate this since I am a new sewer myself). I thought it took a lots of guts & push on her part to get things done. I also thought she conducted herself the best too. Both Josh & Viktor had some really great designs & there were a few times theirs was better than Anya. Josh put out some beautiful styles that I really liked, but I thought his down fall was going way overboard with some of his work & also he was way too emotional too. I hated those latest designs that were made of that plastic, how uncomfortable & stiff looking. A lot of Viktor's during the show were really good too & I especially loved that white jacket with the beads on it which I thought Heidi wanted. But, at the end his downfall was making too many outfits that looked the same. Most of Anya's clothes were always comfortable looking too! Yes, she was the greatest sewer, but that will come quickly. But, she can really do wonderful designs & be very creative. She presented herself very well!. Good luck to Anya!
Posted: 9:51 am on November 6th
IggyJingles writes: The judges seemed excited about Josh's use of "innovative materials", but frankly neoprene is not really wearable - too sweaty! I did like how he toned the down the print that Tim Gunn disiked by layering on dark mesh.

All the contestants took the judges suggestions, especially about styling, to heart. However I think Viktor managed to lose the contest by replacing so many of his looks at the last minute.

Anya will do great in the resort wear market. As a professional designer, she may not have to do much sewing or pattern making herself.

Viktor will sell out of his interesting prints and wearable separates.
Posted: 5:41 pm on November 5th
samsstuff writes: This time, I really did like many of Anya's looks (though not all), but my favorite was still Viktor. My least favorite is still Josh. Josh's looks are again unflattering, even on the models. Yes, they are different & I love different, but many of them are just not flattering, particularly that bright green/print retro eighties look with the extremely high waist. Viktor's looks are innovative & interesting & I don't think the collection looked as disjointed as the judges thought. I don't think anyone here stood out as an obvious choice, but Viktor has been more consistent throughout the competition.
Posted: 4:17 pm on November 4th
lessalt writes: Anya does have style but I don't think she should have been the winner. Her lack of sewing skills prevented her from making anything fitted. I remember past competitions where the finalists didn't win because their collections were one note. However, the judges have always been all over the map.
Anya, after having been saved through the generosity of others (when she lost her shopping money), then turned around and refused to help another. She needn't have worried since the judges were bound and determined she should win. It doesn't strike you that it was a little unusual that they gave the finalists another $500 to fine tune their collections? They knew Anya had a bad collection and works well under pressure. Poor Victor thought he had to ramp up and added pieces that lowered the bar on his finished collection.
Posted: 2:05 pm on November 4th
sunnyb64 writes: I was surprised, because I really thought Viktor was going to take it. He's a very talented designer, and I'm so impressed with how quickly he can whip out these perfectly tailored pieces. I've been sewing for years, and something like that white jacket would take me at least a month! That being said, I have been cheering for Anya throughout the season--she seems like a genuinely nice person, and she's been kind of the underdog throughout. I like her aesthetic, and I agree with the judges that it will be interesting to see how she grows as a designer (especially as her sewing skills improve.)

Also, I honestly would have been ok with anyone BUT Joshua winning. I hate his style, and he's mean. So if he'd won this year, between that and Gretchengate, I think I would have to give up on the show altogether! (AFTER the All-Stars season.)
Posted: 12:20 pm on October 31st
kmegamom writes: I am really glad that Anya won, her outfits were really nice! Sewing for only a short time or not, she knew what she was doing and knew how to design. I agree with the above poster about Josh's outfits, I didn't like those shorts especially, they were really stupid looking and very ugly, I don't know anyone who would actually wear something like that. I agree also about the uneven cuts, I think they just look like they ran out of time to measure for a proper hem! Most of us can't wear an off the shoulder, one sleeved dress either. I am older and no longer working but even for social settings I wouldn't wear a lot of the outfits, but I blame the judges for that, when the designers make something that is "normal" they get critiqued for not making it stylish enough! I loved some of Viktors outfits over the season, he really made some nice, tailored jackets and dresses that I could actually wear. I would like to see some of his designs out in stores. I would wear a lot of what Anya designed, I live in Southern California and I would take advantage of the flowy, fun, summery designs. It is hot so much of the year here that I would get a lot of use out of those clothes, and they look very comfortable! My question to the designers and even to the judges is what is with the weird up-swing pockets on the skirts this year? I saw them on a few of the outfits but I have also seen them in magazines. If anyone that is of average size wore those it would make our hips look ginormouos! Or our thighs, depending on the location of the "pocket". I think that if Viktor didn't have half of his outfits for the last challenge in the sheer fabrics, and as the previous writer said: worn just over the underwear; if he had been true to most of what he has done all season, he may have been able to win! I think maybe the pressure got to him in the end. He shouldn't have added those sheer things to the collection!
Posted: 3:57 am on October 31st
camillapoof writes: Nothing can compare with Gretchengate but my honest opinion is that this was just ho hum. I have no idea what the judges loved about Josh. Those shorts were hideous, the colors looked like Lerner's (and I'm from Florida). Does anyone remember here that women work in the corporate world and need stylish clothing that can move in and out of various social circles. So much of the design this year is unwearable. See through chiffon over underwear? Come on what is glorious about that. I don't think any of these are going to be threatening the major designers including Kors and maybe that is what is causing the problem. How many ways can you make a one sleeved dress or even the winners deep v. Can't see that in the office. And if we were designing only for resort then maybe but that isn't the way life is. I frankly felt most of the stuff looked slapped together. Forget the draping people you don't do it well enough. I remember some in years past that was gorgeous and complicated with beautiful pleats not just thrown over the shoulder and left with a lopsided hem. It is about taste, and all respect to Heidi, booty skirts and dresses just don't cut it after your 20's even if you do have great legs. And you don't have to be frumpy, just tasteful
Posted: 2:43 pm on October 28th
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