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Blue and Red Wish Doll
Miniature Wish Doll
Pale green Wish Doll and pillow sachet
Bird On a Branch handmade greeting card.
Dream Star Dolls
Believe Zodiac doll
More Dream Star Dolls
Blue and Red Wish Doll

Blue and Red Wish Doll

Photo: Robyn Coburn

It's not too late to find beautiful, handmade and unique gifts for Mother's Day. My Etsy store is filled with gorgeous new art dolls and wish dolls. 

Wish Dolls

I was inspired by Guatemalan worry dolls to create my Wish Dolls, wire frame 3inch tall human figure dolls with beads, wrapped and dressed in an assortment of fabrics. Flexible and poseable, they have braided hair and seed bead embellishments on their braid and sash. Each comes with a double sided fragrant sachet with either exotic and heady Indian Musk essential oil and Orange Blossom blend, or romantic dried Lavender flowers, from a pesticide free farm.

The musk is an interesting story. My mother-in-law brought it back with her from her travels in India during the 1960's and 70's, along with screen printed and woven fabrics. Many of the fabrics I now use in my doll making were from her vintage textile collection. You can find more about the process on my Iggy Jingles blog.

The ready-to-give package also includes a tea light, and instruction sheet. The instructions say:


"Whisper your dreams and desires to this Wish Doll and she will remember them for you.

Light a candle if you like, while you tell her.

Keep her in any place that is special to you - on her cushion on a windowsill, under your pillow, in a garden, in your house or in your pocket.

A word of warning:These dolls have been made with love. They are not voodoo dolls. Do not try to use them to wish harm to anyone. It is dangerous to do that since the bad energy could rebound on the wisher."

Art Dolls

My Dream Star Dolls are about 8 inches tall. People have been known to call them their "totem". I never know which doll will appeal to any particular person. Each has their own unique painted face, and individual beaded embellishments, skirts and charms. Some are pensive and wistful, others vibrant and cheeky. Set them on a mantle, boudoir table or near your computer to inpire conversations and remind you of your dreams.  

Handmade Cards

I also make greeting cards and tags. These too are unique, because they are handmade from an assortment of cardstocks, papers, stamps and laser cut shapes. I like to keep my cards simple, dimensional and pretty. I have a co-ordinating pair - one vertical, one "landscape" - of a sweet bird on a branch design.  The interior is blank for your greeting.

At my store I combine shipping, so the more you buy in one transaction, the more you save on shipping. US customers, order before Wednesday May 9th to ensure arrival in time.
For more handmade gift ideas from many beautiful artists, check out my boards on Pinterest.
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