Losing a Best Friend

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Shannon_Dennis Shannon Dennis, contributor
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This is my blank board book brag book. Say that three times fast!
I decorated some of the pages with a poem about little girls that I found I used some 3-D flower stickers, polka dot grosgrain, and a little rice/handmade paper.
On other pages I used a decorative paper and fun, decorative words to create templated picture pages where all my friend will have to do is stick a picture of the baby.
I rotated the poem and picture pages so I didnt have too many of either.
This is my blank board book brag book. Say that three times fast!

This is my blank board book brag book. Say that three times fast!

Photo: Shannon Dennis

I love my sewing machine. I didn't realize how much until I had to give it up last week. My dear little friend went to the repair shop and I'm not sure when I'll get her back. I have to say I am on pins and needles!

In her absence, I have decided to catch up on some housework, search for some new blogs, and get a little paper crafting out of the way.

This is a little brag book I crafted for my best friend, Lindsey. She is going to have her first baby any day now, and I thought this little blank board book purse would make a cute brag book. I found a few poems online and some fun, girly decorative papers. Popped in a good movie (Dan in Real Life) and went to town. I am so happy with how it turned out!

I also took some time to cut out some of my upcoming projects. A cute little dress from McCalls and a Weekender Bag from Amy Butler, which I am altering for Lindsey to use as a super-stylish mom diaper bag!

I'm all ready for some major sewing time when my little friend to returns. I am starting to feel like I've lost my right arm!

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Comments (5)

dreday88oneway writes: I miss my best Friend, may he rest in peace.
Posted: 2:12 am on March 14th
Shannon_Dennis writes: Jen1964 - THAT is so true! Even without a sewing machine I got super creative and tried my hand at a craft that was new to me, board books.
Posted: 9:34 pm on September 16th
Jen1964 writes: I've been living without my sewing machine for about 14 years now. We just couldn't find a great replacement to suit me. I'd learned to quilt, and just switched to doing it by hand. Loved it. Then I found I had a really strong stitch, and a really good blind stitch, and could tailor clothes really close by hand. So I haven't gone back. I tried, sure, but we just don't have the space. (And my place is a lot cleaner, for some strange reason!) Mostly it's knitting or crochetting for now, or painting. Creativity is funny stuff - somehow it comes out, and the media you use is really secondary.
Posted: 10:56 am on September 16th
artlikebread writes: I tell ya, I never knew how much I loved my Singer until she died. But, I got a new one!! :o)
Posted: 10:47 pm on September 9th
LindsayTNY writes: I almost had to surrender my machine this week too, and the thought of living without it for awhile had me going a little crazy. Then I thought, hmmm, think of all that I'll get done if I don't have sewing to occupy my time. Like tending to my messy house. Then I fixed my machine and that little reverie was over.
Posted: 3:31 pm on September 9th
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