Daughter and Her Date's Outfits

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The back laces up.
Pick-ups in the dress and multiple layers of fabric.
The back laces up.
Vest and tie and dress. Contrasting colors to match their favorite video game characters colors.
The bottom edge of the vest is hand painted.
The back laces up.

The back laces up.

Photo: Scott Webb

Every year my daughter attends a New Year's Eve costume ball. This year, she asked if I could make formal outfits based on her and her date's favorite video game characters, Cirno and Reimu from Japanese game Touhou Project.

I came up with a ballgown design for Cirno the ice fairy and used Reimu's reds and yellows to come up with a vest and tie design for my daughter's date.

The dress has pick-ups with multiple layers of fabric and is lined on the inside. It laces up the back. It's entirely strapless, with beading on the top edge of the bust. I also created her hairbow, which uses the same fabric as the dress for the bow, as well as multiple colors of organza. The snowflake is a spare ornament I had around and threw in since the character is supposed to be an ice fairy.

The vest is simple. A red vest with gold buttons. The bottom edge is hand painted with zigzags and dots in order to match the original character design that also has zigzags and dots along the bottom edge of the shirt. The character Reimu also has a yellow bandanna, so I created a more suitable gold tie.

Pattern or design used: My own design
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