Meet Your Rotary Cutter's New Best Friend--WD-40!

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JenniferStern Jennifer Stern, contributor
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WD-40, your rotary cutters new best friend.
Take your rotary cutter apart to expose the blade.
Squirt a little WD-40 onto a cotton ball.
Gently (and carefully) rub the gunk off both sides of the blade.
WD-40, your rotary cutters new best friend.

WD-40, your rotary cutter's new best friend.

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If you use spray adhesives, whether you embroider or not, they can really gum up the works when it comes to your rotary cutter. I use a lot of adhesive spray because I never hoop my fabric when I'm embroidering. I also know a lot of quilters who use adhesive spray to "baste" their quilt tops to the batting and backing. This sticky stuff can find its way right onto your rotary cutter blade. If you try to use your rotary cutter and the blade does not turn smoothly—or not at all—it could be stuck in place by residue from spray adhesive. This is most likely to happen when you use your rotary cutter for a "sticky" project then let it sit for a few days before you use it again.

Rotary blades are expensive, so don't replace them if this happens. Combat spray adhesive with another spray—like WD-40! Here's how to use a spray lubricant safely so it doesn't end up on your fabric.

  • Take the nut and screw off your rotary cutter, exposing the blade.
  • Squirt a little WD-40 on a cotton ball—not directly on the blade.
  • Gently rub the sides of the blade with the cotton ball—if you rub a little then wait a minute or two, even more gunk will come off.
  • Use a dry cotton ball to polish off the WD-40.
  • Put your rotary cutter back together and you're set.
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