Velvet fabric: Decorate your home with velvet curtains.

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If you want to block the sun-light in your room, then you used the curtains in your room. But the actual use of curtains is only for block the light. I think curtains play an important role for decorating your room in fashionable style. You can find different beautiful curtains in different size in the market. You can choose among them according to your window size and color. There are different types of curtains like velvet curtains. Velvet curtains are very soft and so attractive because it is made by velvet fabric.

Other types of curtains included like cotton, silk, embossed and many other. The velvet fabric is soft in nature, but is very costly material. Due to its softness nature and beautiful style, it makes your so beautiful. Your room looks like a so expensive room due to this velvet curtains. Cotton velvet is another type of velvet fabric, which is specially used for making the warm garments like swatter, jacket. The fabrics of velvet are not only used as clothing materials, but it has got a wide range for its use. It is also used as deigning and decorating items at home, office or at the function venues. So decorate your home with velvet curtains.

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