Project Runway All Stars: "O! Say, Can You Sew?"

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VictoriaNorth Victoria North, product manager
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Mondos dress was picked as the winner this week.
Mila was sent home.
Jerells Indian barbie dress was not a judge favorite.
Mondos dress was picked as the winner this week.

Mondo's dress was picked as the winner this week.

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This week, the final six designers were invited to the United Nations headquarters to draw inspiration from the flags of various countries. Unfortunately this resulted in a runway show full of costumes. Even Mondo's simple black jersey dress had a flag element down the back of it. The judges were unhappy with Austin's rushed garment, Jerell's "Indian Barbie," and Michael's Grecian gown. The judges sent Mila home, but they had criticism for even the garments at the top this week. Kenley, Michael, and Mondo rounded out the top three, but they chose Mondo's dress over Kenley's look simply because she needs to take more chances next week.

Did you agree with the judges this week?

Austin: Seychelles (bottom)


Jerell: India (bottom)



Kenley: Chile (top)


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Comments (10)

dlonra8 writes: I really miss heidi and the gang :( ..........
Posted: 2:51 am on March 2nd
Flanerie writes: I've kind of lost interest in this show since Rami was voted off - I'd hoped he would win.
I was surprised Mila was sent home this week - I like her aesthetic in general, but even this week I thought her dress was wouldn't be for everyone, true, but this is a runway-design contest....not what we wear out to dinner or the office party. If a woman was in the arts, say a sculptor or painter looking for something different to wear at her gallery opening, this would be really interesting, with slight alterations - shortening the long side a bit and eliminating the yellow flag-inspired striping that Jerell called "an angry box of french fries" at the after-show.)Nothing was more awful than Michael's Greek pageant dress or Jerell's Halloween costume....I couldn't believe they were not sent home this week. Austin's was barely any better.
Mondo's dress was gorgeous, in my opinion, from the front, but the nod to the flag was ugly in the back, although the nature of the competition called for it. I also agree with comments here, though, that the design doesn't even remotely say "Jamaica" --- and they were judging on that, so I felt they should have given the win to Kenley's latest Minnie Mouse creation, which really is a re-trotting out of everything she does, but it was cute and well-made and had some Latino flair to it without being a costume like Jerell's India look.
I don't think Isaac Mizrahi is a good judge - why him, anyway, the last things he's done are a collection for Target and some awful clothes on QVC.
I miss Tim Gunn!!! and Heidi, too, actually.
Posted: 12:05 pm on February 25th
DaveLeBlanc writes: We thought that Jarell should have been the one going home. His look was just so much Halloween kitch. If not him then Michael Costello's Grecian dress. Talk about boring and ill-fitting!

Mila's look was probably the most daring and she went home for it. It wasn't pretty, but she was at least trying to not do the obvious and pushing herself. The judges seem to want daring and for the designers to push themselves. When they do, as in the case of Rami as well, they usually get punished for it.

If we had our druthers, Rami would be in and Kenley out. Rami is always interesting and Kenley makes cute clothes that are all pretty much the same.

As entertaining as the All Stars can be, it is turning out to be mostly some humdrum clothes that are making the cuts.
Posted: 9:46 am on February 25th
nliedel writes: I've visited Jamaica 15 times. While Mondo's dress is lovely and wonderful, for Winter. Not one item in it says, "Jamaica," to me.

When I think of Jamaica the culture, it's diverse, sensual, extreme. Yes, they are to incorporate flag elements, but the culture was supposed to be a part of it. Where is the Jamaican culture? Where are the Africaners? Where is the swept away feeling of a Barington Watson painting? These are not hard to find. You don't need to have been to the island. We hear a lot about issues with tourists, but many of the people are warm and open. They want to preserve their culture. This has non of that.

The Greek outfit, on the other hand...I could have draped it and it would not take a designer to add those elements. Too esay
Posted: 8:23 am on February 25th
Crslyn writes: Mondo's design was made for a woman's body. Where is the feel of Jamaica? There was no cultural connection at all. The dress is very similar to what Angelina J. wears on the red carpet. Not a new feel.
Posted: 2:43 am on February 25th
craftretiree writes: Kenley's dress was well done - beautiful construction & striking; she should have been the winner! Mondo's was OK but that was a style from the 1930's -1940's with an updated back & ugly flag design! His was not nearly as modern as Kenly's. The designers comments are the same old, same old....
Posted: 9:04 pm on February 24th
beckyo writes: I thought Jerell's looked like Wonder Woman, and I thought Austin's was a tired and unimaginative design. I really thought one of them was headed home. I wouldn't necessarily wear Mila's dress myself, but thought it a bold contemporary design. I did like Mondo's and Keneley's dresses the best.
Posted: 6:51 pm on February 24th
samsstuff writes: I do agree with the choice of Mila to be out. Even though it took more chances than some of the designs, it seems unbalanced & unwearable. I didn't like Kenley's dress or Michael's. Michael's does kind of look like a flag & Kenley's is, as Grammy7 said, strange, just not quite as strange as Mila's dress. I actually like Jerrell's dress & it's combination of the traditional & the new (could have done without the headband & other accessories, though, simple & classic would have worked better). I usually like Mondo's designs, but this one is a bit bland & that's not typical Mondo. I'm not sure what to think of Austin's design...So, for the most part, I am a bit at odds with the judges choices this time.
Posted: 5:59 pm on February 24th
decoDiva writes: I happen to L-O-V-E all the designers this season and feel they all have something to contribute. Judges always seem to want the deisigner to push the envelope..does this mean that Kenley has to create an "Austin" look and vice versa before the judges feel they've pushed themselves?? the envelopes have been pushed, delivered AND stamped!
The judges need to come up with new commentary, We're tired of hearing, "Lame" "sad" and "tired" These designs are exciting and styled magnificently! I'm just sorry all the "all Star" designers can create a complete line and runway walk it off!!
OOOPS did I hear NEW SHOW idea?
Posted: 5:19 pm on February 24th
grammy7 writes: I'm sorry to say that I think that this week's collection of garments was the poorest quality in design and construction that I've seen all season. I thought Keneley's dress was strange and that Austin should have been eliminated along with Mila. This was not an "all star" show!
Posted: 4:16 pm on February 24th
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